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  1. rat

    For Those Planning Their First Butt Smoke . . .

    Second biggest mistake not enough time. Most Shoulders or Butts are used as pulled pork and people don't leave a long enough cooling time on their first try.-------Rat
  2. rat

    4th of July smoking

    Nice Ican smell it here...........................Rat
  3. rat

    problems finding brisket

    I have had the best results for briskets at either small indepentent grocery stores (our local one is Byers supers in Byers Co.) or a meat mart . Either one will get you what you want with a little advance notice. They also dont mind custom cuts. Become your local meat cutters freind and...
  4. rat

    first whole pig

    Caant beleive someone knows of Deer Trail you must of been lost!!! Rat
  5. rat

    first whole pig

    Help I am getting ready for a party next month and I have my wife talked into a small (40 to 50 lbs) pig. I am going to smoke it on my Brinkman Smoke N' Pit. I need an idea on how long it should take on low and slow and any problems I might run in to. We are going to serve this with potato...
  6. rat

    My Big Ol' Butt II

    Never filled the necks think I'll stuff my next with a couple of onions or leeks. Try lime margarita mix in the beer butt chicken instead of beer. Rat
  7. rat

    Finishing Sauce for Beef Brisket

    Do you think pork fat would work I have a few lbs left over from the 4 pork butts I did for my daughters wedding rehearsal dinner. Rat
  8. rat

    Acurite meat thermometer

    Hey Deer Meat ,Sorry to tell you this but water does not always boil at 212 degrees. The higher the altititude the lower the tempeture that the water boils at. This is why pressure cookers cook faster. You can cook at a higher temp with out the water boiling off. Try cooking a pot of beans in...
  9. rat

    Hello from Oklahoma

    For smoking I prefer charcoal and wood for everyday grilling I have a Gas grill. Rat
  10. rat

    another noobie

    Dude I am no pro nor do i have a unit like yours but this is what I would do.Coat the inside with vegetable oil (except firebox). stoke it with charcoal . Go pickup meat and wood (plus adult beverage) . Drink beverage and work on your recipe for tomorrow. Wellcome from the Rat
  11. rat

    Justin's wicked potato soup

    Sounds great e-mail me some Rat
  12. rat

    personal recipe book

    How about this use Linux (i prefer Yoper Linux) Open Office no cost no viruses,no spyware and best of all no Windows = no crashes. Less time on the puter = more time smokin. Rat
  13. rat

    Lime margarita chicken

    If any one tries this let me know what you think Rat
  14. rat

    Lime margarita chicken

    Inject your chicken parts or whole with lime Margarita mix (save the tequila for the cook). Marinate 4 to 24 hours in same mix. Season lightly with margarita salt and pepper smoke over your favorite wood until done. Rat
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