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    Testing a Post

    Hello World! ranger72
  2. ranger72

    Finishing Sauce for Brisket

    Well, I'll Be! It looks like my contribution has been immortalized along with the other member's comments. Who woulda thought? Thanks, Dutch! ranger72 OTBS # 14
  3. ranger72

    Scotch Highland Spare Ribs Failed Smoke and Recovery (lots of Qviews inside)

    Those ribs look smokey and wonderful! Suggestion: Bring your ribs to the point you did in the attached pics and then try finishing them on the charcoal grill just to crisp them slightly take them from rare to medium rare
  4. ranger72

    Hickory Smoked Tomato Soup with Sour Cream and Cilantro

    Hi There Bill, Go Here : http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/viewforum.php?f=27 So that you may see that I gave Credit to the Author and Her book in the Title Bar of my original thread.. Click on the link and scroll down approximately 12 or 13 thread titles to see. It Reads: Hickory Smoked...
  5. ranger72

    Finishing Sauce for Brisket

    really glad everyone seems to like the sauce! ranger72 :) OTBS # 14
  6. ranger72

    ranger72's Garlic Mashed Potatoes

    smoked and Cheech! Enjoy! ranger72 :) OTBS # 14
  7. ranger72

    ranger72's Garlic Mashed Potatoes

    Hi there tonto! Yep! they're really good but you'll need to go work out for a couple hours after eating them! :D Welcome aboard to you and your Hubby! Lottsa good people here. ranger72 :) OTBS # 14
  8. ranger72

    Disappointed in my Shoulder

    Az_Redneck, Glad to here your project wasn't derailed too much...One more little tip..If you run in to the problem of the juices running out the foil wrappings while resting in your cooler any time in the future... Simply add a some applejuice or some Italian dressing to your butts while...
  9. ranger72

    ranger72's Garlic Mashed Potatoes

    Hi There Dutch Well, That'a wonderful news Brother Dutch! Yes! I can see by your text that the prospect of a new Grandchild doesn't excite you at all! Congratulations Buddy! I hope your daughter enjoys the old ranger's version of Mashies! ranger72 :D OTBS # 14
  10. ranger72

    18 pounds of pork shoulder, 12-31 smoke

    pyre here is how I solve the cold problem where I live in Maine and believe me Cold is a way of life where I live! http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/fil...t_tute_023.jpg I build a hardwood fire in a separate steel stove and then feed my pit smoker with the embers from it..In this fashion the...
  11. ranger72

    Newbie trying a Brisket

    Hi There JP4LSU I agree with buzzard on the issue of the pan. If you place your brisket in a pan after awhile the juices, fat and whatever you are mopping or spraying with will end up in the pan and you will end up Braising the Brisket instead of Smoking the Brisket and that will end up being...
  12. ranger72

    18 pounds of pork shoulder, 12-31 smoke

    Congratulations Pyre! Very nice presentation with explanation and pictures shows you now have a full grasp on how to Que up Pork shoulders/Butts. I don't need to taste your product to know that it was magnificent. :mrgreen: Your photo of the Thin Blue Smoke emanating from your stack shows us...
  13. ranger72

    Disappointed in my Shoulder

    Hi There Az_Redneck! First and Foremost...Don't get discouraged...Every one of us has had a few disappointing smoking episodes under our belts in the beginning...Don't worry about it :) The first test is the taste test...When you sampled it you told us in your post that it tasted...
  14. ranger72

    Smoky Mountain Meat Loaf

    Hi Folks! I just resurrected this old thread for two reasons..mostly because I am going to make this up for tomorrow night's dinner and also that new members may give it a try if they haven't tried smoked meat loaf before. However, I am going to substitute Beef Stock (which I presently have)...
  15. ranger72

    1st Butt taking a long time?

    Thank you Vulcan! I hope cseymour gets a peek at this before it disappears into cyberspace once again :D I usually bump this thread about every six months when we get a whole new crew of peeps just starting out on the website...Thepics answer questions quickly! thanks again, ranger72 :)
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