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    65 gallon reverse flow from air tank ( Trevor Canada )

    Welcome to SMF. Find your answers here, search is your buddy. Your tank is similar in size to mine. You can check out my build thread. Take your time, make cardboard templates, cardboard is easily corrected, 1/4" steel not so forgiving. Make it yours and have fun!! RG...
  2. radioguy

    Chili Relleno Pork Sausage recipe help

    I suggest using some poblano powder. Its dehydrated poblanos. I use jalapeno powder along with fresh jalapeno in my sausage. It provides a boost to the pepper flavor. RG
  3. radioguy

    Food saver mason jar attachement worth it?

    I make refrigerator garlic dills. Modified Smokin Al's recipe. Great dills in 3-4 days. Family really loves them. Bread and butter pickles, eggs and so on. You may consider making a brine trap to keep it out of your vaccum pump. RG...
  4. radioguy

    Thermometer advice?

    I use a Thermoworks "Smoke". it has 2 channels, allows you to set high and low alarms on each channel, remote goes a low distance. I have had mine for 3 years, still using original probes. Go to their website sign up for email notices. This are always going on sale, 10-25% off, open box...
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    Wing question

    Try corn starch instead of baking powder. I do a great deep fried fish, secret is cold, cold fish, dry and roll in corn starch, dip in beer batter, deep fry. Works pretty good for wings too. RG
  6. radioguy

    2 Alarm Lights Mypin TA4-SNR

    Are you using the controller all by itself? What exacly do you want to use the indicators for? What are you connecting to each SSR output? The PID inputs/ouputs have certain minimum/max parameters. Best to draw out your schematic and post it. RG
  7. radioguy

    2 Alarm Lights Mypin TA4-SNR

    You can put a transistor off the SSR and then drive a lamp, LED. RG
  8. radioguy

    2 Alarm Lights Mypin TA4-SNR

    Jack is correct. It is probably not marked on the device. RG
  9. radioguy

    Reverse flow smoker

    Its really up to you. I chose a square firebox because I felt confident that I could build one and scrap plate was readily available. RG
  10. radioguy

    Reverse flow smoker

  11. radioguy

    Reverse flow smoker

    6mm thickness is just about 1/4". That is pretty much the standard in the US. Some go a bit thicker. If you are going to insulate I'd use the 6mm it'll be a lot easier to work with. I used 5/16" ( about 8mm) for my uninsulated firebox because it was readily available at the scrap yard...
  12. radioguy

    The Sausage Maker is busy

    Pittsburgh Spice https://www.pghspice.com/ RG
  13. radioguy

    Which thermometer do you recommend?

    I have a Thermoworks Smoke. It works great for my use. One probe for food and one for grate temp. The remote receiver also vibrates when the alarm goes off, great for a wake up if you doze off. I will say it is not waterproof, it got rained on and didn't work properly. I took it apart...
  14. radioguy

    What else is good to stuff poppers with

    Blue cheese mixed with cream cheese and a little bit of rub. Cream cheese, shredded sharp cheddar, cilantro, a bit of rub and some lime juice or zest. RG
  15. radioguy

    Prayers for family

    Praying for you, mom and family. Have the strength to accept God's will. RG
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