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  1. pignit

    Tribute to RonP

    Smoked some of Rons chicken thighs yesterday. Think of him often. He turned into a very good friend.
  2. Tribute to RonP

    Tribute to RonP

  3. thighs.JPG


  4. pignit

    A couple of questions for a new 30" user

    I might be able to give you an opinion on a few of these questions.....  1. I don't think you actually need the water although I always use it thinking that it is a great heat sink and restores my temperature in the smoker when I have to open the door. Try it with and without and see what you...
  5. pignit

    Loaded up and shmowkin........

    Buckboard time.....
  6. Loaded up and shmowkin........

    Loaded up and shmowkin........

  7. bacon2.jpg


  8. Smoker Bacon copy.jpg

    Smoker Bacon copy.jpg

  9. bacon.jpg


  10. pignit

    Masterbuilt smoker vent position?

    I took my vent completely off.......
  11. pignit

    Should I chuck the brisket??

    Doesn't look like you have had much help with this...... my understanding is when meat has reached below 140 you have 2 hours to get it down below 40 in the fridge. That being said.... I don't think you have anything to worry about. If you have doubts or are uncomfortable with it then don't feed...
  12. pignit

    Tribute to RonP

    Here is his profile.... you can check him out. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/u/22688/ronp
  13. pignit

    Tribute to RonP

    Still miss the ol Fart........
  14. pignit

    I already know the answer but I need to hear it..........

    I've been doing this long enough to know better than to serve this to guests. Hard lesson learned. I personally didn't want to risk eating myself either. May have been fine but I'm not up for experiments with food making me sick. I got up early and smoked the meat the day of the party and...
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