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  1. piggyribs

    Your Christmas Present: BACON!

    Hi Everyone, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Your Christmas gift is before and after pics of a bacon explosion. For those of you who don't know, it's a woven bacon mat rolled up with layers of sausage. It's the bacon bomb!
  2. piggyribs

    ailing elec smoker

    I like to give mine 45min or so with before I put any meat on. Otherwise, if you don't have the lead time or don't want to do it that way, you could maybe put the meat in with cold sand and let both warm up. BUT I wonder if the meat and sand would warm at different rates. Besides, any smoke that...
  3. piggyribs

    ailing elec smoker

    Well, it couldn't hurt. Just remember, the water will evaporate either way. Sand to replace water can seem like a big step. There is quite an adjustment to be made on the temp control, as far as squelching or clamping down on the temperature setting. It's a learning process. Your idea seems like...
  4. piggyribs

    ailing elec smoker

    I cover my pan with heavy duty foil. My pan is 3/4 full, so there's a space to make the foil cup in and hold any drippings like a dish or saucer. Then, I just change the foil when I'm done cooking.
  5. piggyribs

    Would you marry me again?

    I read this a few years ago, and never forgot. A man smoked some ribs for his wife, who went crazy at suppertime about how good they were. With some food in her mouth, she asked, "What did you marinate these in?" He thought she asked if he would marry her again, so he instantly went into a long...
  6. piggyribs

    What is your favorite wood to smoke with?

    Mostly hickory, a little mesquite, and sometimes a dash of maple, cherry, or apple.
  7. piggyribs

    electric smokers

    The best tip I ever got for my electric was to use sand. It's easier if you get it from the source, rather than my repeating it all here. The Water Pan Myth Enjoy!
  8. piggyribs

    Using a smoker box in my electric smoker

    I had the same weight problem with my box, so I used two layers of foil wrapped into a tray shape for my chips. It works great, but the pan idea sounds like less hassle. Thanks, Larry
  9. piggyribs

    ailing elec smoker

    Hey Larry, I have the same type smoker. My folks bought theirs first as a demo model (pre-assembled) at Home Depot. It would not get above 150 degrees. I wiggled the controller at the dial and saw the light flickering. It would only stay ON long enough if I pulled up at the end where the wire...
  10. piggyribs

    Thermo cable protection

    Hey Ya'll, I got a new wireless thermometer from Oregon scientific for my birthday. It seems to work well and has a good range. I don't like the buildup that can get in the sensor's cable sheath over time and make it inflexible. What if I wrapped a thin layer of alum. foil over the whole sensor...
  11. piggyribs

    Electric Smoker

    Like larry, I have a Char Broil elec. water smoker. I liked it out of the box, once I fixed the loose socket for the controller. I had considered adding lava rocks for retaining heat. I read about the heat retaining properties of sand in the pan instead of water, tried it, and love it. A good...
  12. piggyribs

    New to these parts

    Hi everyone, I'm new and need an intro. I live in central NC, and I love barbecue (or I wouldn't be here). I've been toying with meat and heat for about 25 years, but seriously pursuing the smoking art about 10 years. I have a Brinkmann charcoal Smoke n Grill and a newer Char Broil electric...
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