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  1. philh

    Grilla vs Rec Tec vs ???

    I get more visible and smoke flavor with my Savannah Stoker PID than I ever did with the factory controller. It has temp swings built in so you get the smoldering smokey pellets. I get just as much smoke flavor with my PID controller as I do with my Oklahoma Joe stick burner. Not all PIDs are...
  2. philh

    Looking into getting a pellet cooker. Suggestions welcome

    The sear station on the PitBoss does work. My wife likes her hot dogs burned black on the outside. I cook them normal on the parts of the grill away from the sear station. When they are done I move hers over the open fire and in a few seconds (ok maybe a couple of minutes) they are black like...
  3. philh

    Good o'le yard bird

    Looking good so far..
  4. philh

    What is your favorite wood for Brisket?

    I use only Oak. Was raised in the Texas Hill Country. ;)
  5. philh

    Pellets in the Dallas area

    If you have any HEB grocery stores up there they carry B&B Pellets. I get their OAK Pellets at my HEB for 11.95 per 20 lb bag.
  6. philh

    Question about Pit Boss (specifically 700sc) or any missing 275.

    Here is what I paid for mine. Your pit would require the Offset Box. Mine did and it made the install super easy. You might want to check out this link. I have pictures of the controller and how it looks with the offset box...
  7. philh

    Question about Pit Boss (specifically 700sc) or any missing 275.

    I don't have that model Pit Boss but I have the 820D model. The stock controller was the same as what you are describing. It went from a 250 setting then the next setting was 300. The P settings only really help you in the smoke setting. I never found a way to achieve 275 with that controller. I...
  8. philh

    controller recomendations

    It looks like you are heading in the right direction. Good luck with the new controller.
  9. philh

    controller recomendations

    Here is some info from their website: Plug and Cook easy installation on most Traeger Pellet Grills. You’ll be cooking in 10 minutes when using the existing temperature senor “RTD” and 30 minutes when replacing it. 1° Temperature Setting Range from 150°- 500°F. Note: Your Grill may not be able...
  10. philh

    controller recomendations

    You might want to follow this link: https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/pit-boss-820.264398/page-2#post-1805106 I talked about the Savannah Stoker & a few posts down I posted some pictures of the unit. I hope this can help you.
  11. philh

    controller recomendations

    I'll have to second the Savannah Stoker controller. I have it in a Pit Boss 820D and it made my pit act like one of the big boys. Just half the cost.. lol It is a great controller.
  12. philh

    Pork Ribs - favorite wood

    I use Oak for everything. Grew up in the Texas Hill Country and there everything is bbq'd and smoked with Oak. lol
  13. philh

    Pork Ribs - Favorite Temperature for smoking

    On my Pitboss I smoke my baby backs for 2 hours at 180 degrees. Then I bump it up to 225 until the ribs are done. This leaves a killer smoke ring and a great smoke taste. I use B&B Oak pellets. These are 100% oak pellets.
  14. philh

    Pile of Pit Boss ribs

    You hit it out of the ballpark....
  15. philh

    Brisket: Pit-Boss 820D, Savannah Stoker controller

    Nice write up. I have the same pit as you and my brisket always turns out great on it. Glad yours does also. Phil
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