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  1. phathead69

    Worst BBQ

    That's what my wife says but I figure its her way of getting out of the kitchen and me in there
  2. phathead69

    Beef, Other than Chuck, for shredded beef??

    Howling My favorite chuck for pulling is smoking for 4 or 5 hours. Pull inside and instapot it until tender. Lot like the crock pot but I think the pressure does better job of breaking done the yucky stuff. Pleanty of juice to add back to it after its pulled
  3. phathead69

    Fire Pit - Deconstruction- reconstruction

    Nice. Open fire cooking is my favorite
  4. phathead69

    Lang Clone Complete

    Very nice
  5. phathead69

    Wife said POST THIS

    That is a good one . I'll keep it in the bank for the right opportunity.
  6. phathead69

    Chrrstmas Eve standing rib roast

    Thank you. Your posts are where I started reading about them couple of years ago. So thanks for the info you have shared on here.
  7. phathead69

    Chrrstmas Eve standing rib roast

    Thank you. Real low and slow Thank you sir Thank you Thank you Montreal seasoning, 200-230 for four and half hours. It spent some time under 200 before I would add a split. Oak and hickory. IT 120 - 125 when pulled and wrapped. The pics are an hour later.
  8. phathead69

    Chrrstmas Eve standing rib roast

    Thank you
  9. phathead69

    Christmas tradition

    Redneck that's awsome. Im a tradition and breakfast diehard. Including the neighbors makes it better.
  10. phathead69

    Double Smoked Ham

    Here is variation of putting the fat on upper shelf. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/different-spin-on-basteing.278336/
  11. phathead69

    Chrrstmas Eve standing rib roast

  12. phathead69

    Chrrstmas Eve standing rib roast

    Not a lot of pics just finished product.
  13. phathead69

    Christmas Smoked Prime with Au Jus

    Can u post link to the aujus. And that looks, well good enough to eat. Points on that
  14. phathead69

    Smoking a brisket for Christmas

    First I would probably go with Vols suggestion. If not I will tell you what I just did with a 14lb brisket. Smoked it Sunday running a little hotter than normal avg 270. Finished 10 hrs probed tender 205 on flat 198 on point. Left on table wrapped to cool down 2 hours. Fridge until Tuesday. Took...
  15. phathead69

    Bought Christmas eve meal

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