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  1. paul6

    Burnt ends

    I always use Jeff’s not sure if that’s the one your looking for ?
  2. paul6

    New to Cold Whether Smoking

    I would agree with your assessment that smoking in cold temperatures is a little nuts! With that said I am use to smoking year round and according to the queen i may be a little unstable
  3. paul6

    New to Cold Whether Smoking

    Went fine , did not need the blanket but did learn grommets get hot . Did use more wood but I used the charcoal basket to get a good bed of coals and it held temp just fine . Started my 3 burner propane heater and set it about 6 feet away and it was a little to warm . With all that said between...
  4. paul6

    New to Cold Whether Smoking

    So the wife and i have made the move after 30 years in AZ to Northern Utah , doing a Butt tommorow and temp when i fire up the stick burner are suppose to be in the mid 20s. Bought a welding blanket that i will wrap around the cooking chamber when the meat goes on . Any advice as this will be...
  5. paul6

    First Time Smoked Corned Beef

    Smoked Corned Beef is one of my favorites , Next time try a sweet rub it goes great with the salty meat .
  6. paul6

    Smoked Corned Beef

    Soaking in water is a personal taste choice , I like to get some of the salt out so I soak overnight .  I smoke fat side down on the grate for 1 hour then put it in a pan with the seasonings for the remainder of the smoke .
  7. paul6

    Cold Smoked Hard Boiled eggs

    Am smoking a couple of Corned Beef Briskets and a Pork Butt tomorrow , read these  posts and boiled some eggs and picked up a block of White Cheddar and Pepper Jack !
  8. paul6

    Please help - my brisket is a total disaster

    The wet Mushy stuff I don't get ! Are you sure temp gauge is accurate ?  I am not familiar with the smoke vault . I have a MES that I bought as a toy ( Offset is my primary )and I cooked a chuck in it using a water pan , Now that was really nasty on the outside. With that said my 1st couple of...
  9. paul6

    Please help - my brisket is a total disaster

    If you ever need your Brisket done at a certain time a fool proof  method I use is to . Set my offset up at 225 , while it is heating up I trim and rub the brisket . . Once the smoker is at temp I put the brisket on fat side down for an hour then flip and smoke an additional 3.5 hours , Put in a...
  10. paul6

    Cold Smoked Hard Boiled eggs

    Not sure what they taste like when you let them mellow , mine never last more then an hour !
  11. paul6

    Daniel Boone

    My Son has this smoker and had similar problems , he contacted the Manufacture which I believe is Green Mountain and they got replacement parts to him real quick . Since then he has not had any issues and loves that rig !
  12. paul6

    Pellet smoker - Brisket fat cap

    I always start with the Fat down for the 1st hour or so then flip for the remainder of the smoke . This seems to give me a more uniformed bark . IMHO ?
  13. paul6

    No smoke???

    Ditto , When I fist got my MES had the same problem anything under 200 you need a pellet tube .
  14. paul6

    Bears’ 48th Anniversary (Beef Tenderloin Dinner—AKA Fillet Mignon)

    I bought a Tenderloin on sale the other day 3.5lb $ 23 bucks Great Deal ! Now I knew I wanted to smoke it but had never done one and did not want to screw it up . Did  a search and found Bears step by step . Of  course I changed a couple of things but it turned out perfect , Really appreciate...
  15. paul6

    Brisket...trying new things

    You have to get creative in competitions , I have been to a couple (not competing myself ) and like seeing all the generic bottles of rubs and spices that the competitors use hiding their secrets from everyone else ! Found a 11 + lb whole Brisket at Fry's (owned by Krogers ) $1.99 lb cut it in...
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