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    Just received a Bear Roast

    Thanks SmokinAl! definitely got some good info there, looking forward to this one. I will update when I do the smoke!
  2. opilat10

    Just received a Bear Roast

    Hey all!! I could use some advice here, I just received a Bear Roast and I have no idea what to do with it . I don't think I've even eaten bear before.  My initial thought is SMOKE IT!!  Why not, right!? I have done some investigating for basics (internal meat temp of 170degF, brine and...
  3. opilat10

    First Turkey - "lots of butter" method

    Thanks! I did brine it and I gave it a pretty good rinse. I just used a store bought poultry rub, did not check the salt content on that.it wasn't horribly salty though, my wife likes being a tough critic. I will definitely have to make sure I wake up on time next time. . . I'll have more time...
  4. opilat10

    First Turkey - "lots of butter" method

    Hey all!! Happy Turkey Day!! This morning I smoked my first bird. I used the "lots of butter" method on a 15 lb bird. It took 5.5 hours as advertised. The flavor was amazing, and the white meat was amazingly juicy, even after a 1 hour transport. A couple suggestions: 1. I had one complaint of...
  5. First Turkey - "lots of butter" method

    First Turkey - "lots of butter" method

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  7. opilat10

    PA pit master in training

    Hey All!! My name is Terry, I live in South Central PA (York area). I am a bit of a science geek, I pay the bills working as an electrical engineer. I have been trying my hand at smoking meats for about two years now. I currently use my Weber Performer grill to smoke. I've been able to learn a...
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