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    In Need Of Some Techy Help

    A switch or hub will work. A switch can give better performance. Get good quality CAT 6 cables. Most internet connected home devices (switches, thermostats, plugs, security) use only the 2.4 ghz frequency. 2.4 ghz gives better range although it is slower than the 5 ghz radio. For these devices...
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    Chips in a smoke tube?

    I am now exclusively using a mix of pellets and chips. The more chips you add, the more smoke you get and a shorter burn. Fewer chips, less smoke, longer burn. I have two tubes so I can have one loaded and ready to go as the other is burning down.
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    Ok, not smoking, but…

    BTW, I did not have the bottle of Zin they recommended for the pairing. Primitivo is a genetic cousin to Zinfandel, so it substituted nicely.
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    Ok, not smoking, but…

    Thank you for the likes! I checked the magazine website and they have published the recipe: https://www.winemag.com/recipe/grilled-filipino-adobo-pork-belly-recipe/ I made it exactly to the recipe except the cut of meat. The other minor modification is I cooked the pork to temperature rather...
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    What Beer Did You Drink in High School?

    Hamm’s Taper kegs. 2 1/4 gallon keg with built in tap and CO2. Cheap thrills. Used to hide them in the freezer at the grocery store I worked at. Perfect with a coating of frost on the outside of the keg.
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    Smoked Ribeye

    Nice! Carnivore Black on a ribeye is my go to plan. Sooo good!
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    Ok, not smoking, but…

    It started with a recipe for pork adobo I found in the June/July issue of Wine Enthusiast. It was a free subscription, and well, I really do like wine. It included pickled carrots, peppers, onions, and a papaya. Whoa, never done that before. Two days in advance, I julienned the veggies and...
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    Country style pork ribs.

    Burnt ends!
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    Thoughts And Prayers For Chef Jimmy Please

    Praying for your full and quick recovery. Hurry back, you still have so much to share.
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    Log House Blues

    Beautiful home and grounds. With a title of “Log House Blues”, I can picture Chris Stapleton rocking and strumin on your porch…
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    Boneless, Skinless Thighs & Steak Fries (Ninja)

    Every time I see you have posted about something, I just know it will delicious! I just wish I could be your neighbor….
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    Temp won’t increase

    Is your flame blue, or yellowish?
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    The Pawn Stars BBQ Joint

    BBQ aficionados are a proper lot aren’t they?
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    Smoking Meat Several Days Before Serving

    And, the occasional beer?
  15. OldSmoke

    Smoking Meat Several Days Before Serving

    I’m doing the same thing. I just vac’d up shredded pork and shredded beef for use next weekend. I agree with @Dive Bar Casanova, it tastes better the next day. I always make up sauces, chilI, and baked beans at least a day ahead to give the flavors time to meld. Even jerky tastes much better...
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