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  1. OldSmoke

    Just putting it out.

    It’s not easy finding a Huey, good job. That is a very nice tribute to your father.
  2. OldSmoke

    Cabinet Style Cleaning Idea

    Yea, I know about that. That could be the weak point in this hare-brained idea. Like Musk, I'll just build a better rocket next time.
  3. OldSmoke

    Cabinet Style Cleaning Idea

    I like to cook for friends. As such, I am very careful to keep everything clean. I would guess that the renderings and sugars from brine solutions probably make a good breeding ground for bad things. I would bet, the salts used in brines, are probably the culprit to the bottoms rusting out in...
  4. OldSmoke

    Cabinet Style Cleaning Idea

    It's kind of a silly idea. I finished cutting in a butterfly vent in the side of my cabinet and was cleaning out the metal chips when I thought of it. The inside is hard to clean and a pain. So I lined it with aluminum foil, and held the foil in place with small button magnets. Since the cabinet...
  5. OldSmoke

    A little Advice for New Smokers

    I will re-read this every time I plan the next smoke.
  6. OldSmoke

    Cheese and Salmon

    Yea, the World Series! Thanks! Mrs. Smoke says this is the best smoked cheese and salmon she has ever had. We have eaten a lot of smoked salmon so I’m pretty happy. I cold smoked the cheese for three hours, using a tray and apple pellets.
  7. OldSmoke

    Cheese and Salmon

    This is my first try smoking cheese, and second smoking salmon. The cheese is seven days old. I did sharp cheddar, pepper jack, and cheddar jack. This was a test to see how it is doing, plus the first taste. It is really great. It will benefit from additional aging and be fantastic. The salmon...
  8. OldSmoke

    Got my new Ole Hickory Pit

    Beautiful. I think you need to invite the forum to dinner!
  9. OldSmoke

    First Cheese

    Inexperienced yes. Patient, yes. Stupid, no. Your comment in not appreciated nor warrented. I do listen to people with more experience, and it has served me well for many years. Saved my life more than a few times. I do know that everything I smoke, tastes better as time passes. I'll run with...
  10. OldSmoke

    Hello from NorCal!

    Welcome from Oregon! Your photos are delicious!
  11. OldSmoke

    First Cheese

    Thanks! I am using Todd’s pellets and am very pleased with them. I will look into his dust as well.
  12. OldSmoke

    First Cheese

    I would like to try dust in my tray on the next batch. Did you make it in a blender? What pellets are you finding to work well?
  13. OldSmoke

    First Cheese

    The weather cooled down so I made my first attempt at cold smoking cheese. I put in some Tillamook sharp cheddar, colby jack, and pepper jack. I smoked it at 65 degrees for three hours over apple. My latest modification to the smoker has resulted in great smoke control and air movement in the...
  14. OldSmoke

    Pitts & Spitts owners in Portland OR area?

    Do you know the name? The toll is now $2 unless you have a BreezeBy account. It is a great trip.
  15. OldSmoke

    BBQ and Old Friends

    Thank for the nice comments! I learned a lot. More went right than wrong. Everything was ready and warm, and on the table at the same time. I had everyone distanced and safe. I did the serving with my mask on. I nailed the sauce, and the second try on the smoked beans was the best I’ve had...
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