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  1. old golfer guy

    Reheating stuffed peppers

    Thanks everybody, great ideas buttttt. I have decided to do candied bacon instead. Stay safe Stay healthy Dale
  2. old golfer guy

    Reheating stuffed peppers

    Going to a gathering this weekend and want to take bacon wrapped stuffed peppers. Do you think it would work to smoke the peppers at home, put in a covered pan to transport and reheat on a gas grill or in the oven before serving? Wife thinks they might be a little soggy after resting for...
  3. old golfer guy

    Smoked Jalapeno Poppers

    CR, Have a party to go to this weekend. Do you think I could smoke these at home then tansport them and reheat on a gas grill??
  4. old golfer guy

    Reheating candied bacon

    We will be in the RV ( actually outside the RV) with family on X Mas eve. I want to make candied bacon but have to do it before hand and reheat it for the family. Any suggestions as to the best way to reheat, or just eat it cold. Thanks Stay safe, stay healthy
  5. old golfer guy

    Beef Ribs/ person?

    Soooo I went to Costco and bought beef ribs today. Not what I have bought there before, these are chuck ribs I think. About 1.5in. thick and 12 in. long. Last time I bought ribs at Costco they were plate ribs, shorter and at least 2.5 in. thick, the ones I wanted. Gonna cook them for my B.D...
  6. old golfer guy

    Beef Ribs/ person?

    Smoking some Costco beef ribs for my B. D. party but I need some help on amount per person. We are a bunch of old fools in our 70s. Any ideas. Also the time for beef ribs? A. Franklin says about 12 hrs but I see a lot of threads here that are for about 5 to6 hrs of cook time?? Thanks
  7. old golfer guy

    Hatch Green Chiles

    Thanks for all the ideas guys. But what really wanted to know, has anyone used these to make poppers instead of jalapenos??? Thanks
  8. old golfer guy

    Hatch Green Chiles

    Wife just came home with a big bag of Hatch Chiles. Have any of you made poppers with these?? Need to make any changes? Taste? Thanks
  9. old golfer guy

    Pricing out Brisket - Yeesh

    Just went to Costco. Prime brisket $3.29/lb In Calif.!!!
  10. old golfer guy

    Tri-Tip tips

    X2 on the carving guide. It's like a brisket, grain runs two ways. Kamado is looking great, I'll try to get a pic of my handle for you today.
  11. old golfer guy

    Pork Shots

    The recipe I used was Jeff's. He mixes a rub into cream cheese and fills the little bowl to the top then adds chopped onions and tops it off with rub. Worked pretty good for me.
  12. old golfer guy

    Menu help

    As usual you folks are the greatest! Just thought of a side I haven't done for years, red onion cut in half, beef bouillon cube, pat of butter and brown sugar placed on top, wrapped in foil and on the Q for about 45mins. Then a salad, either watermelon, cuc. tom. or coleslaw. Think you guys were...
  13. old golfer guy

    Menu help

    My birthday is on Mon. and what I like to do is cook ( smoke ) for my friends. Planning on Jeffs Bacon Shooters, cheese and crackers for starters. D. W. is doing dessert. I will smoke Costco beef ribs. Question is what to serve as sides with the ribs??? Smoked mac & cheese, cole slaw, potatoes...
  14. old golfer guy

    Pulled Pork help

    I have an Ivaton remote that gives grill and food temp and a BBQ Guru that keeps the heart steady. Also check the meat with my Thermapen. Thanks guys, I'll try the crock pot or maybe even S. V.
  15. old golfer guy

    Brisket reheat

    bergent, I've got 2 S V set ups so capacity is not a problem. How long and at what temp? Also I am thinking about 3/4 lb. per person of raw meat. About right? Thanks
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