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    Need help with a smoke hollow pellet grill

    Contact Smoke Hollow.  They likely share a controller across several models. I wouldn't expect a controller from a different brand to work.
  2. oddball

    First cook with Grid Iron today, need a bit of help

    Sorry no one responded sooner.  I'm not familiar with the hardware you are using.  How did it turn out?
  3. oddball

    Brickman smoke n grill

    I would simply clean and season it.  I've not had much luck painting a grill.  It typically looks good until it's used once or twice and gets hot.  But for the inside, once it's seasoned and used a time or two, rust shouldn't be a huge issue. As for the hardware, if it's still functional, leave...
  4. oddball

    Trying to figure what I did wrong with my 1st Brisket

    Personally, I don't wrap at all.  Just start cooking sooner and ride it out.  10-12 hours or more isn't uncommon at low temp (ie: 225-250).
  5. oddball

    Buying a pellet grill this weekend, need input ASAP, which brand/model?

    I love my RecTec as well. Hope they help getting your unit straightened out.  Good Luck.
  6. oddball

    Rib Confusion

    >> http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/189564/methods-of-smoking-ribs
  7. oddball

    Rib Confusion

    Times varies by type (ie: beef or pork). I don't foil mine at all, so that method doesn't apply.
  8. oddball

    Pork butt 4 hour danger zone question

    Those are the images from the app.
  9. oddball


    It's working fine as far as I know. If it's not working for you, then you should be getting an error.  If so, the error should indicate what is wrong.
  10. oddball

    Anybody using this Traeger?

    I wouldn't get a Traeger based on the quality issues that I've read about (just my opinion), but if you want a new model instead, check out Costco (if there is one nearby and you are a member).
  11. oddball

    Breakfast for dinner

    Thanks.  The leftovers were chopped, reheated in a skillet, and then mixed with some scrambled eggs. And no, the wife said this is on the permanent menu.
  12. oddball

    Afternoon Pizza

    Been thinking of trying pizza as well. Who would have thought stuff gets hot when it's in the smoker?  
  13. Breakfast for dinner

    Breakfast for dinner

  14. oddball

    Breakfast for dinner

    My first attempt at a Fattie.  I decided to go for a breakfast style.  Jimmy Dean sausage, fried potatoes, colby jack, and of course bacon.  I didn't get any before pics, I'm sure you all know how that goes. Cooked about 2 hours at 225, then about another hour at 425.  Could have gone a...
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