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    SMF guys can't hang with the Ladies!

    My wife once commented that she doesn't "pass gas", I didn't argue just stated "you couldn't shut up long enough to retain any"       My jaw still hurts a little form time time after that day....
  2. nptwnsmkr

    Building my own smokehouse

    Case- my point to boomerangg22 was to think about the entire build not to insult a design team. Engineers and architects are human and do make mistakes, you pretty much made my point where the blame usually falls. I have submitted plenty of RFI's over the years where elevations do not match or...
  3. nptwnsmkr

    Building my own smokehouse

    Some other things to consider when digging your footer-make the math simple. Start with what height you want to smoke at and work down to the footing using nominal dimensions of your building materials. 58" depth with 8" CMU doesn't work with a typical 6" (in depth) footing to get to level...
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    christmas pork loin

    I usually just rub loins and smoke them at 225-240*, never injected or panned them (not that it's wrong, just never tried it). I pull around 143*, tent them and let em rest for 20-30 minutes as the temp rises to 145*.  They come out nice and juicy every time. If you cook loin to much above 145*...
  5. nptwnsmkr

    Some Boston Butt Questions

    Sounds like you're getting some good advice, here's my 2c's- I put a sand/gravel mix (commonly called pit run here) in my water pan and cover with foil when smoking in the winter, play sand works the same. This acts as a heat sink and will help hold steadier temps and less recovery time IMO...
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    Butterball Boneless Turkey Roast Advice/Experience?

    I had every intent to take photos of this smoke rub to plate but I only managed to get one of them rubbed and ready to go in. Here's my experience with these. 3-Butterball white and dark meat mix 3lbs each 3- Private Select all white meat 2.5lbs each All rubbed with Jeffs rub around 9am. Set up...
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  8. nptwnsmkr

    Butterball Boneless Turkey Roast Advice/Experience?

    I checked the website as well, they also suggest an IT of 180 I believe. I agree with the hickory, always throw a small chunk maybe two mixed with the cherry when doing a bird since its usually not a very long smoke and poultry takes smoke well.
  9. nptwnsmkr

    Butterball Boneless Turkey Roast Advice/Experience?

    I was asked yesterday to smoke several Butterball Boneless Turkey Roast for Thanksgiving this year and am looking for any advice or past experience any of you might have. Up until I was asked I had never heard of them (never looked for them either) but am up to the challenge. These are, from...
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    New Build?

    Yes its...unfortunately it was built to be buried not a smoker.
  12. New Build?

    New Build?

  13. nptwnsmkr

    New Build?

    I found this today and thought it would make the ultimate smoker. It's 8' in diameter and 24' long. I figured I could get four whole cows or two dozen whole hogs in it, depending on their size. The two biggest issue's I see are sizing the firebox and making it mobile. All bs aside, looking at...
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