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    Prime Rib & Ribeyes for the Year

    Wow! I've never seen that price here locally for Choice grade Prime Rib. I would have been going back there daily! The cheapest I can remember is Choice grade for $5.98/lb and I stocked up. I watched this year but the prices never dropped below $6.98/lb for Select, and there was zero marbling...
  2. noboundaries

    Cream alternative

    Yep. I started using full fat coconut milk instead of cream quite a while ago. Coffee, cooking, baking, whatever. Great in scrambled eggs, too. The stuff I buy, Sa Via Coconut Milk, costs $1.12 for a 13.5 oz can. Plus, you get a little exercise by shaking well to break up the fat that separates...
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    Petite Grilling Sirloins on the “Q”

    Thanks, Bear. Your thread has been floating in my brain case for a while and finally took root. My Winco always has a refrigerated meat case filled with one to three sale meats facing you as you walk in the only front door. I saw Petite Sirloins and BANG! Time to act on Bear's thread. :)
  5. noboundaries

    Petite Grilling Sirloins on the “Q”

    Reheated leftowers in the MW and fixed like we did last night. Probably the most tender steak I've eaten in a while. Reminded me of a fillet. Was a bit light on beef flavor for my taste, but the tenderness made up for it. BTW, went back today and picked up two more 2.7 lb packages for the...
  6. noboundaries

    Petite Grilling Sirloins on the “Q”

    I've never tried the petite sirloin due to the lack of marbling...but DANG it was tender! Will be buying it again and again.
  7. noboundaries

    Petite Grilling Sirloins on the “Q”

    Okay, Bear. I saw Petite Sirloins on sale at Winco yesterday. $3.88/lb for Choice grade family packs of 2.5 to 3 lbs each. Didn't see a lot of marbling, but there was a little. I grabbed a package. Read up on them today, and realized they can be a tough cut. I threw together a fajita and lime...
  8. noboundaries

    Hi from Northern CA.

    Welcome from Roseville! Glad you're here with the Christmas present and looking to flavor your new future! Enjoy the forum! Ray
  9. noboundaries

    A couple - three WSM questions

    Rust? No problem. I have 2x90 degree stack and it works great. No heat shield? No problem on concrete. Stick a $1 paver under it if you're concerned. Gasket? It helps with lower chamber temps, like 150F for jerky. Not really necessary for general smoking, but 225F could be a challenge if it...
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    Worst BBQ

    I'm usually not one to complain, but I vote with my feet and never go back. The waiter asked how we liked the food. My buddy and I looked at each other. I answered, "The grits were great." The uneaten food on our plates spoke the rest, which the waiter noticed. We sat there for a while talking...
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    Worst BBQ

    The west coast is not known for good bbq. Consequently, I've learned to take anyone's favorable recommendation with a sceptical view if they haven't lived back east. There are a few rare places that do it right out here, but prepare to be disappointed if you smoke your own meat. A westie buddy...
  12. noboundaries

    WSM size question

    Get the 22", and don't worry about fuel. We ALL keep an eye out for charcoal sales. Lots of folks use Royal Oak Ridge briquettes, or the RO Ridge store brands (Walmart Expert Grill, Home Depot Embers, etc). We post the sales and you can stock up if you have the room. March will be the next big...
  13. noboundaries

    Best ribs you'll ever eat.

    Glad it works for you.
  14. noboundaries

    New Guy from Ohio.

    Smokey 22, welcome to SMF with that great smoker. Lots of us WSM owners here, so don't be shy. Enjoy the forum. Ray
  15. noboundaries

    New member from Los Angeles

    Welcome from Sac! Glad you're here! Enjoy the forum. Ray
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