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  1. Murray

    Yeast Shortage?

    My wife was reading an article explaining the flour and yeast shortages. Apparently with so many people off work and lots of spare time on their hands they are making bread. The article goes on to surmise that once people see empty shelves of flour, yeast, TP then a herd mentality kicks in...
  2. Murray

    Brisket Point Pastrami

    @disco has a good recipe and step by step with some good ideas. Google Old Fat Guy website has a search feature that will provide some good information
  3. Murray

    It's getting bad - Charcoal Lump Pellet hoarders.

    Have seen a few posts on FB where small town hotels are advertised that they are encouraging truckers to stop in at their establishments for a shower and a hot meal to go. One was advertising $25 for a shower and a meal, email transfer so no contact between driver and hotel staff. Without...
  4. Murray

    MES 440S

    IMHO it seems the older the MES the more reliable and easier to fix if and when they crap out. One would think the newer they are the better they would be built but that doesn’t seem to be so.
  5. Murray

    How can I find the best Electric smokers?

    Keep an eye on the used market. Spend some time on this forum lots of info
  6. Murray

    Question about temp and display

    Place your Fireboard temperature probe beside your grill probe and see if they are the same
  7. Murray

    New to forum and smoking, wood question

    Next big wind storm...
  8. Murray

    New to forum and smoking, wood question

    I imagine you would have some tree removal outfits in NYC. Approach them and explain what your looking for. Should you obtain some free wood from them it won’t help you now but you might be able to set yourself up with wood for next year after it has dried.
  9. Murray

    Old Featured Threads

    I was also thinking of something along those line but didn’t want to suggest that figuring duplicate post would gobble up server space. If they went that way could call it “Wall of Fame”. Conversely we could have a “Wall of Shame” where people could post smokes that didn’t turn out . LOL
  10. Murray

    Smoked venison roast

    Any wild game I smoke or cook is alway rare for that exact reason. My mother always used to roast moose well done, hockey pucks weren’t as tough .
  11. Murray

    Here's a good one...

    Thanks, I’ve been pondering that question for a while. It’s just a mater of time until the cartels get into the TP business, probably just as lucrative as their other “business ventures”
  12. Murray

    What brand of high heat paint is best?

    I have had good luck with Tremclad high heat spray bombs but it’s pricey. If it came in gallon jugs and applied with a spray gun it might be affordable
  13. Murray

    My Son....

    Apple doesn’t fall from the tree
  14. Murray

    Old Featured Threads

    A suggestion, I don’t know if it would work or is even feasible. Would it be possible to denote somehow featured posts so when a member is researching recipes/methods any post that was featured would standout with an emoji or something? This would recognize past contributors to the carousel and...
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