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  1. Murray

    BB's on the Kettle!

    Ribs look good but the patio/pool picture really got my attention. Beautiful looking backyard. 100F wow, we’re still ice fishing.
  2. Murray

    pellets going out, or barely smoking.

    Get the tray going outside on a non combustible surface and let it smoke till it turns the corner, if it turns the corner ok then put it in the smoker with the chip loading tube out and see what happens.
  3. Murray

    Burger season is getting here again

    Perfect cure for a hangover
  4. Murray

    Masterbuilt Model 20070910 Thermostat

    Yes, very helpful. Thanks
  5. Murray

    Masterbuilt Model 20070910 Thermostat

    Interesting, is there a way to test the Rollout Safety Limit Switch with a Volt Ohm meter without removing the back? I have a second MES that I bought used that is starting to give me grief.
  6. Murray

    Couldn't say it better myself

    Wait till they watch All in the Family
  7. Murray

    Masterbuilt Model 20070910 Thermostat

    https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/new-mes-issue-and-questions.282952/ I had the exact same issue. Masterbuilt replaced the Power Control Unit under warranty(pre Covid) To date, my MES has run flawlessly.
  8. Murray

    Covid Vaccine ?

    Our paperwork gave us a date of July 7 for a second shot, about 4 months between shots. Disappointing, but when you rely on other countries for vaccine supply...
  9. Murray

    A-MAZ-N 12" vs Expandable 12-18" Smoke Tube

    I have a 6” Oval Amazen in an electric smoker. I can’t run whole pellets, way too much smoke. In an oxygen depleted environment it might be okay, never tried. The oval doesn’t have the smaller round hole but rather elongated openings. I’m told the Oval is for higher elevations. I’m at 4900’ and...
  10. Murray

    Looking for good recipe to smoke cheese

    https://www.bradleysmoker.com/blog/2014/12/31/how-to-smoke-cheese-step-by-step/ Maple syrup glaze. I have never tried this so I can’t comment on flavor.
  11. Murray

    Covid Vaccine ?

    Got mine a couple of days ago, AstraZeneca. Woke up in the middle of the night with the worst case of the chills that I have ever experienced in my life. Lasted for a couple of minutes and was done. Wife was teasing me “Reverse Hot flash” she called it. She had zero side effects.
  12. Murray

    Where to get smoking wood?

    Post an add on your local Facebook Buy and Sell site. Check out local arborist, those guys are always pruning or cutting down trees. Your local municipal government or your power company may be cutting trees that would be suitable for smoking.
  13. Murray

    Burner won't stay on

    The propane tank has a shutoff valve of sorts inside the tank incase the tank is knocked over or is subjected to violent movement. Disconnect your tank and test the tank on another propane burning device, if the tank checks out okay then look near your smoker burner, you should see a...
  14. Murray

    Smoke Hollow PID mod

    https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/masterbuilt-announces-its-acquisition-of-smoke-hollow-300527252.html Depending on the year your Smoke Hollow was manufactured you may be able to follow @tallbm rewiring instructions.
  15. Murray

    Covid Vaccine ?

    The Canadian government has purchased some AstraZeneca that is set to expire in April and this particular vaccine isn’t approved for 65+ so the Alberta government is offering those shots to people between 60-64. Wife and myself booked online yesterday morning, this Wednesday we are getting our...
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