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    can you make pastrami out of chuck?

    Hah!  It just helped me!  Thanks, guys! Best, --Parx
  2. mr parx


    That looks amazing, and I never thought to try it, but now I want to. You said you finished it at 350. Did you take it off at a particular IT? Thanks!  
  3. mr parx

    Oyster Extravaganza

    I think I'll try it both ways, thanks!
  4. mr parx

    Oyster Extravaganza

    Those looks so good!   Do you mind giving the ratios on the non-oyster ingredients? -parx
  5. mr parx

    Poor man's SV ribeye steaks

    I'm late to this party, but if you have a crockpot, you can just get one of these:  a temperature switch.  Set it and forget it, or just stir the water 4x  a day.  I've been getting very good results. That steak looked awesome.  I found a rib roast on super-sale last week, and should have...
  6. mr parx

    I smoked a fatty today

    I can't believe that thing stayed together!  Fattie-saurus!  Looks great.  How was it?  I can't imagine.   I haven't made a fatty in more than a year.  I'm inspired! --parx
  7. mr parx

    More Scottish eggs

    A bit late to the party, but I'm inspired.  I was looking to do another ham this weekend (not nearly enough leftovers from T-day!), and these might fit just right on the top rack.   I'm sure sausage drippings won't ruin a ham, right?  (I'd give points but I still don't really see how!) Best...
  8. mr parx

    Ham a la Bear for Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for the kind words, the guidance, and for coming along for the ride.  It's SweatPants Weekend!  Enjoy! -parx
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  11. mr parx

    Ham a la Bear for Thanksgiving!

    Well, it was delicious.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. Here's the leftover meats (turkey, ham, pork loin, Cornish hens, not including the homemade sausage). My friends know how to guest-host! Here's the ham.  Not bad at all. And the leftover meats.  What a day!  Time...
  12. mr parx

    Ham a la Bear for Thanksgiving!

    UPDATE: I unwrapped it because guests came over and wanted to see it.  Again, not the best, because it's a little overcooked, but Lordy it's still so good!  Not going to carve it until tomorrow, but here's some pix, including the leftover basting fat!: 
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