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    What is your favorite Lumberjack Pellet flavor for all meats - if you had to choose one??

    100% hickory hands down the only pellet needed. Haven't used anything else for a couple yrs. I buy a ton at a time and break it up between several family and friends.
  2. mowin

    Just joined, good to (meat) you all, GMG, Rec Tec question

    I've had my GMG DB for about 6 yrs. Sits outside with the GMG fitted cover. It's WiFi, but I don't bother. I just turn it on and go do something else. I'd buy another.
  3. mowin

    Semi boneless leg of lamb tips....

    Haven't had lamb in yrs, so I figured I'd smoke this on the pellet grill. It's just a tad over 6lbs. Do I marinate or just rub it, and with what? What pit temp, and IT? What seasonings complement lamb? Thanks in advance...
  4. mowin

    Lyme disease

    I know many that have had Lyme. Few have had it several times. Here in the North East, it's more than common. Back in the or 90's, there was a Lyme vaccine which consisted of 3 separate shots 1 month apart. I had those shots. The vaccine was pulled after " lack of interest" but it was...
  5. mowin

    lawn tractor question(i know this is a smoking forum)

    Ok....how old is this mower? It owes you nothing. Retire the poor thing. Spend good money on these parts, only to have something else fail. Go to a local dealer, not a big box store. Big box stores can't service what they sell. They farm it out to whom ever answers there call.
  6. mowin

    Wild turkey

    I agree somewhat. A Philly cheese steak isn't the same as a wild turkey breast. I've tried this same recipe without the bacon. Same temp, same pit, rather dry. The bacon wasn't great, but I was more wanting the wild turkey to shine. It did.
  7. mowin

    Wild turkey

    Bacon makes everything better. I've smoked wild turkey before, and being so lean, it has come out rather dry. The bacon was more to keep the turkey moist.
  8. mowin

    Wild turkey

    Brined overnight. Stuffed with cream cheese, wild leeks, green peppers, and garlic. All wrapped up in a bacon weave and of course some rub on the outside. Came out fantastic. Tender and juicy.
  9. mowin

    Dog Food Supplement

    I save all the trippings from our deer and freeze it up. After the holidays, I cook it up with carrots, peas, and some spices. Freezer it back up in quart freezer bags. Usually end up with 60-70#. No bones tho..
  10. mowin

    Ceramic style cookers flavor profile vrs stick burner.

    So, I've got a chance to purchase a Kamando Joe XL brand new in the box, for half the cost, but no warranty. I've read countless threads. Some great others not so great about flavor profile. Some that have and love the traditional stick burner, say the flavor is "off" due to the main fuel...
  11. mowin

    Cutting firewood to length for offset firebox

    That old homelite brings back memories. Cut a crap load of firewood with those.
  12. mowin

    Help: Is there such a thing as too clean of a fire?

    Chicken absorbed smoke easier than other meats, and mesquite produces a bolder smoke flavor then other woods. Also, is everyone not getting the smokey flavor, or just you? As the cook, you will be sniffing smoke during the cook, making you less likely to taste it on your food.
  13. mowin

    Help: Is there such a thing as too clean of a fire?

    Yes, it's possible. My first few cooks with my offset were with cherry that was very dry and seasoned. Had less smoke flavor then my pellet grill. If my wood is very dry, I find some greener oak or hickory and add a split every now and then. Are you using store bought splits or chunks? If...
  14. mowin


    If Bentley and his sister.. yes, sister not wife ( owners of the site) don't like you or your post, they will quickly let you know about it. I once posted a pic of a cook I did on my stick burner. I was told that this is a forum for pellet smoker's and any other forms of cooking are not...
  15. mowin

    PSA on Pellet Storage

    I'd need 400-500 for a ton of pellets. Lol. I store mine in large trash cans lined with contractor trash bags. I can fit 4 separate bags in one can. Keep that can close to my pellet grill. The rest of the pallet is in my shop wrapped up tightly.
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