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  1. Hickory smoked spare ribs

    Hickory smoked spare ribs

  2. mjeffcoat

    Hickory smoked spare ribs

    Smoked up a spare rib yesterday in hickory. Rubbed with Buzz's Butt Rub, finished off with my own mop sauce and glazed with Smokey Daves Bird Bath.
  3. Ribs 28 Mar 15.jpg

    Ribs 28 Mar 15.jpg

  4. mjeffcoat

    I want to buy two smokers from Lang but they never answer my emails or calls.

    We have a local fabricator who is legendary for his builds. Tried for a month to get in touch with him. Email, voice mail etc even stopped by his shop and left a note on his door. Never heard from him. SO he lost out on a 2500 buck build. Now I have a master fabricator doing the build in his...
  5. mjeffcoat

    First Smoker

    You will love that little smoker. Weber makes a durable product for sure. I smoked and grilled on one for over 25 years before it gave out.
  6. mjeffcoat

    MES 40 Problems

    Masterbuilt has great customer service. Seems they realize where the shortfalls are and try really hard to keep their current owners happy.
  7. mjeffcoat

    dry smoked ribs

    There are all kinds of methods but basically once the meat gets above 140 it does not absorb smoke anymore.
  8. mjeffcoat


    I have seen RF rigs as small as 2 feet wide although I am not sure mathematically what the benefit to RF that small is.
  9. mjeffcoat

    The start of my smoking addiction

    When I smoke chicken breast I usually inject and wrap them in bacon. That really helps with the drying out that happens.
  10. mjeffcoat

    new to the smoking trend

    Welcome to the group. But with all due respect smoking meat is not a trend it is a long standing practice all around the world.
  11. mjeffcoat

    Pork belly brine

    Got a couple of Iberico pork bellies 2 days ago and decided to dry brine them with salt and sugar. After 24 hours got a bit of fluid in the tray, dumped it and re rubbed them and today when I check there was no fluid int he tray. Should I be concerned or is this normal for this breed of belly?
  12. mjeffcoat

    New build from Sweden.

    Looks like a quality build you have going on there guy.
  13. mjeffcoat

    Smoked Chicken Legs with Alabama white BBQ sauce

    Love to do white sauce every now an then with chicken. Folks always rave over it but the traditional lowcountry sauce remains the king for pork.
  14. mjeffcoat

    Bourbon Bacon BBQ Sauce

    I make a sauce very similar to that. Unless you bring it to a boil the bourbon is really really strong.
  15. mjeffcoat

    Wild Boar Belly

    Do it just like you would do a store bought
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