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  1. mikesys

    Smoker cover

    I bought a classic accessories large sofa cover for my Yoder smokers loaded Wichita. I caught a good sale on Amazon, it was $41 and some change. It fits very well and looks like it was made for the offset smoker. I have one on my weber genesis also, it has held up well here in Iowa going on...
  2. mikesys

    Need Help Lang 60 deluxe

    I agree, i dont want a fire in my cooking chamber
  3. mikesys

    Need Help Lang 60 deluxe

    Have you had a grease fire in your lang before? I never thought that to be possible in my reverse flow lang, i could see that happening my yoder loaded Wichita, but I don't think my temperatures get hot enough to start a grease fire.
  4. mikesys

    Buying Meat in Iowa

    How are the Costco prices and quality?
  5. mikesys

    Buying Meat in Iowa

    I visit the Sam's Club in Davenport Iowa, I just checked their website and they are still 2.22 a pound today, that's by the case or just buying them right out of the cooler which is surprising because usually by the case is much cheaper. This is actually the best priced I have seen. I have...
  6. mikesys

    Buying Meat in Iowa

    Yesterday my local Sam's club had baby back ribs for 2.22 per lb
  7. mikesys

    Need Help Lang 60 deluxe

    I too have a Lang 60 deluxe, my temp are usually 15 degrees off from end to end. I run a maverick digital with the probe in the middle of the cooking area. I keep the drain closed, the exhaust stack wide open and the tongue jack raised just enough so there is 1\8 to 1\4 of an inch under the...
  8. mikesys

    Lang vs Pitmaker

    Have you looked at the Yoder smokers, they do custom rigs.
  9. mikesys

    Lang 36 patio/YoderCheyenne

    I have to say that Shirley is a sweet-looking smoker
  10. mikesys

    Quality wood

    I know a local tree trimmer here in Iowa, he hooked me up with two 6x10 dump trailers full of oak because he had to much on hand.
  11. mikesys

    Buying Meat in Iowa

    Sounds like I need to stop by Fareway and load up. Thanks for the update.
  12. First Brisket

    First Brisket

  13. 20160205_114320.jpg


  14. mikesys

    First Brisket

    I did a full packet last week, 13lbs after trimming off some fat. It took 15 hours at 250 degrees, I wrapped it after 6 hours, then let it rest in the cooler for 2 hours. I used Lang 60 reverse flow and it was 20 degrees that night.
  15. mikesys

    New and Need Advice

    17 hours later, pure deliciousness!!!
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