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    Peace, Love, & Barbecue

    Hey Fat Sal, I just found this. It's a link to the recipe for Mike Mills' Magic Dust. Here you go... http://bbq.about.com/od/rubrecipes/r/bl50617d.htm Mel
  2. melrod59

    Is it necessary to brine a turkey?

    Hi everyone, I plan on smoking a fresh turkey on Thanksgiving day, then we're going out to visit family. I'm soking the turkey so that when we come home, we'll have food. I need to know if it's absolutely necessary to brine a turkey before it's smoked. Or is it possible to get a great smoked...
  3. melrod59

    Lump charcoal in Pittsburgh?

    Carl, I was able to get a 40lb bag of Humphreys lump from Center Builders Supply & Lumber Co. It was their last bag. Thanks for the great tips! Mel
  4. melrod59

    Lump charcoal in Pittsburgh?

    Hey Carl, I'm in Penn Hills. Do you know if these guys are seasonal, or year-round? Thanks Carl & WaWaTuSi for the tips!! Mel
  5. melrod59

    Lump charcoal in Pittsburgh?

    Does anyone know where to get good lump in the Pittsburgh area? All I can find is Cowboy from Whole Foods and Lowes. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Mel
  6. melrod59

    Considering a new smoker...

    Hey Roy, Where did you get the rib rack shown in the picture? And how much was it? It looks like it holds 8 slabs. I'd be very interested in getting two of those. Thanks, Mel
  7. melrod59

    Super Bowl cook out

    You know, Up In Smoke is right. The Steelers will rise again!!! Until then, Go Colts!! Mel - Longtime Steeler fan
  8. melrod59

    Considering a new smoker...

    Hey Roy (RoyKnives), Does your BDS (Big Drum Smoker) Jumbo really cook for 12+ hours on 12 lbs of charcoal/wood? If so, that's about enough of a selling point right there. I can get about 6-6 1/2 hours in my Char-Griller. Have you done ribs on it yet? How many slabs can you get on it? Mel
  9. melrod59

    Considering a new smoker...

    Hello everyone, I currently own a Char-Griller Smokin' Pro, but I'm thinking of adding to my smoking arsenal by buying a BDS smoker. Does anyone have one? Are they as good as they seem? I would like to increase my output. Ideas?? Thanks, Mel
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