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  1. marco007

    Rec Tec on the way

    Marco here from NC this was very helpful! I saw this smoker awhile back, and I came across on in a competition, nice looking pellet smoker, pellet pooper as I read in another post. Lol im a stick burner myself, but looking into going for a pellet smoker as well, see what the hoopla is all...
  2. marco007

    Hey from North Carolina

    OOps sorry Rick, saw Gary's reply, and put his name instead!  Welcome again!LOL
  3. marco007

    New to forum and seeking to absorb wisdom

    Hello Radio, welcome to SMF, may your research come to an end, may you find what you looking for! I have a offset smoker myself, with tuning plates! And you can tune each door to same temp, or at least 5-8 degrees difference! Take a look at mine and if you some questions let me know! Take a...
  4. marco007

    Hey from North Carolina

    Welcome Gary, might hit you up about sausage making, I live Charlotte NC. These guys are top notch, if you have questions about grilling, bbqing , smoking, there is somebody who will help you!
  5. marco007

    Comment by 'marco007' in media 'IMAG0390.jpg'

    Nice smoker!
  6. marco007

    Trying to make my pit to a Reverse Flow Smoker

    Well on 1st door near firebox i may get a 5 degree difference . Top gauge will be like 250 bottom will be like 245 . 2nd door will be almost dead on accurate! The temp also well depend on wood being dry or more wet. I had all 4 gauges tuned in same temp at one time. Tuning plates and good...
  7. marco007

    Trying to make my pit to a Reverse Flow Smoker

    Well Hi Marco, Have a question on those new gauges. I also have them at grate levels about one inch above. Was wondering what temp difference you get between shelves. When my temp is stabilized I get about 50* difference. Would like to know what is normal on your unit. Which is a nice one I may...
  8. marco007

    new to the forum

    Good to have you aboard! Vast knowledge with these bbq specialists! I have over 20 years, but still learning from these guys!
  9. marco007

    Smoked some mackerel

    Believe it may have been spanish, it was like butter!
  10. Smoked some mackerel

    Smoked some mackerel

  11. marco007

    Smoked some mackerel

    My brother and I smoked some mackerel, weighed about 5lbs. We had fish market filet them, nice huge filets, about 13 inches long! Rubbed with EVOO, kosher salt and pepper, and dill! Smoked 30-40 mins with hickory and cherry wood! Didnt want to do salmon, fish guy said try mackerel, so we did...
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  14. marco007

    Hello Again!!!!!!!

    Hello my tx brother, welcome back! What part of TX are you from? Im from Houston and baytown, TX! Now live in NC
  15. marco007

    New to the Group

    Glad to have you aboard, welcome!!! This site and bbq brothers and sisters are priceless! They helped me 100 fold!
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