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    Pheasant cheaper than Turkey?

    fresh turkeys are .98 per lb frozen whole turkeys .49 per lb Hannafords markets in southern maine
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    trouble posting

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    Pickled Peaches

    I remember them back in the 40's very good tasting don't remember how they were made
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    forum trouble

    aaah good old dos it was fun
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    forum trouble

    good guess, but I don't get the latest updates immediately. I delay the latest to see how everyone else likes them. I sure appreciate your help.
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    forum trouble

    I have used anything but waterfox for years..
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    forum trouble

    yes no help it is working half way now been bad three weeks till just now
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    Peanuts in your coke, who remembers?

    how many of you remembers peanuts in coke before they took the coke out of it? a cold coke in the 40's would bring tears in your eyes.
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    forum trouble

    I can not post or reply. help is needed after, faiilng. several times today, it worked this time. crazy thing still can't reply to posts
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    How Do You Know When You’re Getting Old?

    bunch of youngsters on here lets get serious about getting old how many of you remember buying gasoline for 10 cents a gallon?
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    Big Nor'easter coming

    expecting 12" here in southern maine tomorrow. glad I braved the 16f temps this morning and smoked a nice beef roast. stay safe, everyone.
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    Bag cure bacon - cure time?

    I always cure my bacon a minimum of 2 weeks, so you are good to go longer. Read recently where someone cured for a month and had good bacon.
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    I didn't want this to be my second post.

    There is nothing I can say that has not been said already, so I agree with them all. Condolences for your loss.