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    Water pan -- Use it or not? Why or Why not?

    Read this great write up about wet-dry smoking: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/a/wet-to-dry-no-foil-smoke-chamber-method-for-smoking-meats I use this method when doing pork butts, but for brisket's I always use the water pan so I can add red potatoes to it for the last 2 or 3 hours...
  2. kusinskij

    new to smoking brisket

    My 2 cents: One 8 to 12 pound beef brisket or two 5 to 6 pound briskets - Untrimmed Dry Rub: For each pound of brisket (add two pounds to ensure you have extra for the mop) ½ teaspoon Ground Cumin ½ teaspoon Granulated Garlic ½ teaspoon Sea or Kosher Salt ½ teaspoon Chili Powder ½...
  3. kusinskij

    HELP! - MES not generating smoke

    When I look at  the vent on my MES40 (2012 version), I always have a nice thin blue smoke.  When I open the door, I get blasted with smoke.  If you are not getting blasted with smoke when you open the door, I would assume your heating element is not working correctly.  Contact Masterbuilt.
  4. kusinskij

    Unstuffed Smoked Beef Pepperoni Sticks with Qview

    Bear, I'm getting ready to make your sticks, but I'm wondering why you do the ice water bath.  I would think it would wash off some of the smoke flavor.
  5. kusinskij

    At the Crossroads of Smoking and Whiskey - Bourbonites Unite!

    I'm with you on the Buffalo Trace....  That is my go to Bourbon.  First because of it's taste and second because I served with the 17th Infantry "Buffalo's" at Fort Ord.  I use old Bourbon barrels for smoking almost everything (Brisket, Pork Butt, Bacon and cheese).
  6. kusinskij

    Using Cure #1 in Jerky

    I've been making jerky without using cure #1 for over 30 years. I use wet marinades, then add different dry rubs (based on heat levels).  I use a standard dehydrator and have done beef, pork, chicken, turkey and salmon.  I have never kept my jerky in a fridge.  I have packed it in zip locks and...
  7. kusinskij


    I've been rolling around the floor laughing for 30 minutes.  My wife watched the video, went out to the smoker and rubbed some smoke residue behind her ears.......
  8. kusinskij

    First time smoker / making jerky (w/q-view!)

    Has anyone tried using an AMNPS in a MES 40 for jerky?  I was thinking of using some Pitmaster or Bourbon barrel pellets, sent my temp for 140 and let it go until the AMNPS runs out (roughly 8 to 12 hours depending on amount of meat, outside temp/humidity). 
  9. kusinskij

    smoking with birch wood?

    When I lived in Alaska I tried smoking with Birch (Dry not green).  I didn't care for the taste. It was slightly bitter.
  10. kusinskij

    2nd Time Smoking Cheese

    I have had the opposite issue. I have a hard time keeping dust going, pellets burn great, but dust alone seems to go out after about 15 to 20 minutes.
  11. kusinskij

    2nd Time Smoking Cheese

    Todd, It worked great.  I preheated the two in the microwave, then mixed them together.  Poured in the AMNPS and started smoking.  Two things I did notice: 1. The pellets seemed to keep the dust going better (I seem to have a hardtime keeping dust going). 2. The pellets do tend to increase...
  12. kusinskij

    2nd Time Smoking Cheese

    Picked up 2 pounds each of Sharp Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Swiss and Provolone.  Cut them into 1/4 pound blocks and placed in the freezer while I got the AMNPS going. Used a combination of Pitmaster dust and bourbon barrel pellets (3/4 dust, 1/4 pellets)... Pepper Jack and Cheddar - Before...
  13. 2nd Time Smoking Cheese

    2nd Time Smoking Cheese

  14. Swiss_Provolon - After.jpg

    Swiss_Provolon - After.jpg

  15. Cheddar_Pepper Jack - After.jpg

    Cheddar_Pepper Jack - After.jpg

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