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    Todays Ribs

    Nice Good looking, and I know they were good! Whish I could be there to help devour them, since i can't I'm a gonna do the ones I got Monday. I've been holding off til the rain was over and today it's clear and no wind . I should have an easy day. I'll try to borrow a csamera and send some pics...
  2. kingoh4

    New guy from Jersey

    welcome to the forum and maybe we all can swap secrets.
  3. kingoh4

    Hi - fellow Smoker & new member

    Welcome DVR, and I must say NICE Pro. Bro. Nothing like equipment big enough to feed a party.
  4. kingoh4

    new member new to smoking-nn a little help

    Welcome Roo, hope you find all you need to know, someone will know how to solve that problem. Can't be of much help myself as I am a wood guy, you know like on that commercial for Propane -the old guy, always sleeping?
  5. kingoh4


    Big hello to ya . drop in anytime, someone will be here to help you, maybe, sometime. Just kidding, good people here. Hang tight you might absorb something!
  6. kingoh4

    Q sauce

    It's not nice to pick on people with problems. Mine is Lesdexia. Things get a little fuzzy in the head you know. O.K. This time it's " I've not had any bad comments on the sauce . Opperative word being NOT. Maybe .
  7. kingoh4

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome to SMF and the world of Qing. But watch out, you might get infected! Have fun.
  8. kingoh4

    New Smoker From Texas

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on no smokeing. I'm a year and seven months clean. TEXAS RULES!!!
  9. kingoh4

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome from a fellow Texan. Newbie myself, but seems to be a bunch of really good folks here and will be fun to visit. These guys like pictures though(I in the sling already cause my little camera won't work).
  10. kingoh4

    New Braunfels El Dorado Grande

    I heartedly agree with Cajun(must be the Texan in me-we love offsets). I modified my Red River placing a stainless (1/4") , cut to profile the smokechamber and blocking the heat passage forcing the heat and smoke beloe it, passing the smoke to the opposite end of the chamber. Then I moved the...
  11. kingoh4

    Q sauce

    Did I say lemonade? It is lemon! And the catsup, the cheaper the better. I think I kinda phrased my statement a little fuzzy, I have had few negitive remarks. That happens more often than I like to admit,HeHeHe!
  12. kingoh4

    path to riteousness

    Uh, please overlook my ignorance. NEWBY syndrome or something- actually it's a case of not paying attention. If I had a penny for every time the Wife said "get your head out of------- ---- and pay attention", I'd be rich. O.K. I'll listen this time.
  13. kingoh4


    I am ordering a new Gator Pit 2448 upright for next Spring and I have been looking for anyone(not prompted by the maker)to give an honest review of the pit. I feel the manufacturer is reputable and I like the price, I just need to hear from someone who cooks on one. I'd be appreciative of the...
  14. kingoh4

    Maple splits

    I like to do a lot of apple smoke as the In-laws like Ribs and Pulled Pork and the apple makes a very good smoke. As for the Maple, I use it all the time as my STRETCHER fuel. I'll do the smoke ring production with Apple and Finish the next (according what I'm doing)X amount of time is Maple. A...
  15. kingoh4

    Compare Your Food or Not

    I too do the compare thing, and I too like to eat out from time to time , but there are no BBQ joints here in Ohio that I can say does any justice to the back home flavor of even the most backwater Q-joint. I give the shadow of a doubt, at least 2 trys(might be a bad day) before givig them my...
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