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  1. kickassbbq

    New from Minnesota

    Lots of great BBQ in MN. Get to learning and then share with everybody!!! Smoke On!!!!!
  2. kickassbbq

    Dumb Question, Just Wondering

    We smoke even when it's 25 below. Hey, ya gotta eat!!!
  3. kickassbbq

    Lang 48 or 60

    Everybody I talked to that bought a 60 said they wished they had bought the 84. So, I bought the 84 and it is perfecto!!! Go with the biggest you can afford. I wish I had bought the twin 84. PARTY!!!!!!!
  4. kickassbbq

    Just Getting Started

    Kyle, You in MN? Come on over to White Bear and smoke 'em up. We smoke EVERY weekend and 3 times during the week. Welcome!!!!
  5. kickassbbq

    5-Day Smoking Basics eCourse

    How much will you charge??? Smoke On!!!
  6. kickassbbq

    Yes I am new and know nothing.

    The FatBack Man!!!!! I'm everywhere. Doing great, thanks. Hope you and yours as well. Merry Christmas to you. ed
  7. kickassbbq

    Yes I am new and know nothing.

    Try some of my techniques. Probably not the right way to smoke meat, but it's the way I do it. http://www.kickassbbq.com/ PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smoke On!!!!!!
  8. kickassbbq

    salmon brine, please help

    Here's how I do mine. Love Salmon. https://secure.ramnetwork.com/kickassbbq/salmon.html Smoke On!!!!!!
  9. kickassbbq

    need help with beef ribs temp

    Ah, the 'Ol Beef Rib Smoke!!!! This is how I do mine. PARTY!!!!!!!!!! Smoke On!!!! https://secure.ramnetwork.com/kickas...short_ribs.htm
  10. kickassbbq

    Sweet Babby Rays!

    Thin out some of his sauce with a little Jack Daniels and use it as a glaze for ribs!!!! The BEST!!! Smoke On!!!!!
  11. kickassbbq

    I know you can use apple juice on pork, but...

    I use a 50/50 mixture of Apple Juice and Jack Daniels on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Smoke On!!!!!!
  12. kickassbbq

    Brisket In A Pan

    Try cranking the heat on the smoker the last hour. Get it up to about 375 and you will get that bark!!!!! Smoke On!!!!!
  13. kickassbbq

    Making Bacon

    I make Canadian Bacon. Yum, yum. Fork That Pork!!!!!! Smoke On!!!!!! http://www.kickassbbq.com/canadian_bacon.htm
  14. kickassbbq


    Now ain't that the Chits? Smoke On!!!!
  15. kickassbbq

    let the smoke roll

    Welcome!!!! Send pics. We love Food Porn!!!!!! Smoke On!!!!
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