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  1. kevine

    500 Gal. Smoker

    VERY nice work.  Would love to see that thing in action.
  2. kevine

    brinkmann / conversion / oklahoma joe features

    I re-furbished a brinkmann that I picked up for $20 on CL.  No SFB, but went with fire engine red paint, new wood planks for the shelf.  One thing I noticed on other really nice custom builds...nice BIG knobby wheelbarrow tires.  Makes it look like you could take the thing off road, and really...
  3. kevine

    Hello from So Cal

    Thanks everyone.  I'm having my parents over for dinner tonite but just direct grilling up some chicken.  And thanks for Beer-B-Q for the link for the e-course.  I've read so many posts that I feel I have a good handle, but I've been looking for something like this.  I considered an actual...
  4. kevine

    Hello from So Cal

    I've only been smoking/grilling for the past year.  I remember my family using charcoal and lots of lighter fluid when I was a kid, and I last used charcoal in my apartment during college.  Since then, I've been using propane. (old stainless) I got myself a Master Forge Dually (Lowes for $199)...
  5. kevine

    question about lump vs. Stubbs Briqs

    Lots of sparks from lump.  I've tried a half a dozen different lumps and no significant taste difference between regular lump and mesquite lump.  I've tried the Lazari.  Only issue I had was it took me a while to get it lit.  Once lit, it was pretty good.  If I wasn't so cheap, I'd probably use...
  6. kevine

    Where to find lump charcoal?

    Smart and Final, $14.49 for a 40 lb bag of Best in the West Mesquite lump.  Not the best, but can't beat the price.
  7. kevine

    Let the mods commence

    I have a Char-Griller with SFB and similar mods.  I've extended my chimney exhaust to grate level and added a piece of sheet metal inside the cook chamber, just above the "football" hole at a 45 degree angle, to direct more of the heat down and through the cook chamber, instead of directly in...
  8. kevine

    question about lump vs. Stubbs Briqs

    Like the others have said, I also mix good natural briquets (Stubbs or Kingsford Comp - whichever is cheaper) with lump.  I'm currently using Best in the West Mesquite lump, mainly because Smart and Final sells a 40 lb bag for $14.49!  If it's a long smoke, I mix.  If not, I use straight lump...
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