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  1. jtcannonball

    Gravity Feed Firebox/Chute Sizing?

    Did it work?
  2. jtcannonball

    They call it a Jimmy!

    I sure enjoyed mine.
  3. jtcannonball

    New Jimmy Build

    It’s pretty awesome. Here are two full slabs on the top grate. So I could run 4 easily and several more if I stood them in a rib rack.
  4. jtcannonball

    New Jimmy Build

    I bought the Concord 80qt pot off of eBay. Was roughly $103 shipped I believe.
  5. jtcannonball

    New Jimmy Build

  6. jtcannonball

    New Jimmy Build

    So I'm about 90% done. Basket and air intake is all that is left. I would be done with the air intake but I'm debating one large ball valve or just a 3/4 with two nipples and caps. I'm very excited to fire this guy up this weekend. A lot of credit to all the previous builders on here for...
  7. jtcannonball

    They call it a Jimmy!

    Do you feel the 1 1/5" ball valve is the way to go?  I'm starting mine right now and did the handle mods and ordered my pot this morning.  I've been lurking for a long time and reading a lot about these.  My wife hates my old UDS because it's so large and it's pretty ugly.  I'm wanting to add a...
  8. jtcannonball

    JarJar Mini (Jumbo ) Build w/Pics

    Beautiful build.  I'm starting mine right now.  Just debating on 80qt or if there has been a 60qt option anybody has run across.  How did the 1" work for you vs the 3/4" ball valve?  I'm debating one or two ball valves for mine.   Thanks for the how to on here.   TC
  9. jtcannonball

    First mini Build

    Nice.  I'm actually starting a Jumbo Joe build myself.  
  10. jtcannonball

    Need a new smoker

    PBC or WSM.
  11. jtcannonball

    UDS build and questions!

    I was going to go the grinder route but I never thought about a propane torch.  Will that affect the structural integrity of the barrel getting it that hot?  How much does a 20lb tank of propane cost?  I've only used charcoal Weber grills so I have never purchased a propane tank before.  I...
  12. jtcannonball

    UDS build and questions!

    Well after a good 8-9 hour burn the liner stared me back in the eyes! Anybody use wire wheels with a cordless drill or do I need an angle grinder?
  13. jtcannonball

    UDS build and questions!

    Well I guess I have more work to do because it's all red inside. Unless that's not exactly the same as a red lined barrel. What's the best way a wire wheel or angle grinder?
  14. jtcannonball

    UDS build and questions!

    Ok I have my barrel with all holes drilled and I'm ready to go to the next step. My barrel is a food grade barrel that had olive oil in it. My question is do I need to sand/wire wheel it out or just a good burn? I also scored an entire Weber 22.5" grill for 5 dollars so I'll have the lid...
  15. jtcannonball

    Greetings from West Michigan!

    Hello, I'm TJ from West Michigan and I just picked up my barrel tonight to start my very own UDS build to start smoking for the first time!  I'm pretty excited since I went to college in East Tennessee and haven't had acceptable BBQ since I moved back home to Michigan.  Hope to get a bunch of...
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