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  1. jet1959mo

    4 lb brisket flat on a Traeger

    If it's any consolation, here is the last of it.
  2. 2016-10-30 03.32.28.jpg

    2016-10-30 03.32.28.jpg

  3. jet1959mo

    4 lb brisket flat on a Traeger

    SmokinAl, A Traeger smokes off and on throughout the entire cook. On the smoke setting, 150 degrees, it will smoke always wasting pellets and extending time tremendously and my 4 lb brisket would never have come to temp and ruined the meat in that amount of time. wbf610, you are correct that...
  4. jet1959mo

    Beef ribs for the first time

    I'm not a fan of beef ribs. Look good though. The olive oil should not have prevented a bark. More rub and hotter temp maybe? No details as to how you cooked and what on.
  5. jet1959mo

    my first brisket

    Done my first brisket yesterday and was surprised by my attempt. I've never tried a corned beef yet. Maybe next time as my wife would go nuts for it. Great job by the way!
  6. jet1959mo

    First attempt at a brisket (flat only) for me

    Very nice! Looks way better than mine. This was a good start. When I have the $ and Sam's has a meat sale, I'm all over their meat. That didn't sound right . 
  7. jet1959mo

    4 lb brisket flat on a Traeger

    I must say, it did turn out better than I thought it would. I was able to chew it easily without my teeth  cut approximately 1/4" thick. Cooked with the fat side up. I didn't use the smoke setting at all to start. I just set @225 till it reached 191 degrees which took 9 hours . Glad it wasn't...
  8. 2016-10-29 16.17.17.jpg

    2016-10-29 16.17.17.jpg

  9. 2016-10-29 12.18.32.jpg

    2016-10-29 12.18.32.jpg

  10. jet1959mo

    4 lb brisket flat on a Traeger

    I used to have a vertical wood smoker but, since 2 years ago, I bought a Traeger. I've cooked many things except a brisket on my Traeger and today is the first time. I've read and researched smoking a brisket and this is what I came up with. Decided to smoke open through out smoke for crisp...
  11. 4 lb brisket flat on a Traeger

    4 lb brisket flat on a Traeger

  12. 2016-10-29 08.45.49.jpg

    2016-10-29 08.45.49.jpg

  13. 2016-10-29 07.37.35.jpg

    2016-10-29 07.37.35.jpg

  14. 2016-10-29 05.33.46.jpg

    2016-10-29 05.33.46.jpg

  15. 2016-10-29 05.28.13.jpg

    2016-10-29 05.28.13.jpg

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