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    venison back strap

    That looks and sounds great.  My all time favorite way is to use this marinade: 5 oz soy sauce 1/4 cup brown sugar 1T lemon juice 1/4 cup bourbon 1 tsp worcestershire 1 1/2 cup water I'm not a bourbon guy so much, but the bourbon and venison are so happy together.
  2. jaynik

    new weber 26.75

    Nice!  I just got one too!
  3. jaynik


    Nice. All oysters are good. Have you tried without brining these? Our oysters are all saltwater oysters and generally have what I would consider natural brine.
  4. jaynik

    Hello from Germantown Maryland

    Another Marylander. Welcome.
  5. jaynik

    Vinegar Hot Pepper Sauce

    Hard to tell what you are looking for. There is a recipe here for Starnes BBQ sauce which is a vinegar based sauce with hot sauce, cayenne and some other stuff. Is that what you ate looking for?
  6. jaynik

    Combo LP grill & charcoal smoker?

    Did anyone every get anywhere with this?  Anyone own it and want to chime in?
  7. jaynik

    Wood Chunks in Columbus, OH

    my favorite online source is alabama smoke wood.  The guy who sells it makes a propane conversion kit for charcoal smokers called the afterburner.  Don't know anything about that afterburner, but he has a good variety of wood in nice chunks that work really well.  He doesn't have apple, but does...
  8. jaynik

    Choke Cherry Tree

    I am interested to hear how this went.  I have a choke cherry in my front yard that has always leaned and now is leaning at almost 25 degrees or more, so I plan to cut it down and replace it before it falls.  I would love to know if this is a score for me.  :-)
  9. jaynik

    Help, just hooked up my ET-73 it reads 230 inside and my door therm says 150 or so....

    The one missing variable from both of these accounts is the relationship of the probe to the door therm?  I am interested to know if the maverick is near the same level as the door therm.  If no, you might be simply registering the variability of the temps at different positions in your smoker. ...
  10. jaynik

    MAVERICK ET-732's - Now In Stock!!

    Ok, I've never really looked at these, but since I melted the remote transmitter on my old thermo, I'm in the market.  I notice a $20 price difference between the two units.  Are the new features worthy of a $20 price jump, or should I order the 73?  Seems the most significant change listed was...
  11. jaynik

    My First Smoke - New Year's Eve Baby Back Ribs ***Q-VIEW***

    looks good!  I have that same smoker and am breaking it in now with some spares (cut KC style) and chicken quarters.  I hope I come close to yours.
  12. jaynik

    BB Rib Prices

    usually 3.99/lb at local grocery stores.  Sam's is a little cheaper.
  13. jaynik

    First time at Pulled Pork = Night mare...... with Q-views

    Glad this story ended well, especially considering it wasn't even a  grease fire!  Food looked good, so great start to the new year!
  14. jaynik

    Frustrations with butts. Tastes bla and no smoke flavor.

    I don't understand why you couldn't get bark if you had heat. Falling apart is expected between 190 and 200 and is what makes it so easy to pull.  I don't take it off the smoker unless it's at least 190.  Wish I could be more helpful.
  15. jaynik

    Frustrations with butts. Tastes bla and no smoke flavor.

    Sounds like  your smoker was too cold.  Have you ever succeeded with butts, or is this an isolated experience?
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