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    Amzen what ?

    I wasn't using Cherry I was using Hickory and Oak . I guess I'm in the minority of people that aren't happy with it. I had just as much success using chips from Wally world . Thanks for all your replies and advice.  I'm done with this thread is there a way to lock or delete it ?
  2. jangles

    Amzen what ?

    This is where the second half of my post comes in . Has anyone used Smokehouse pellets ?
  3. jangles

    Amzen what ?

    In closed plastic bag they came in. Post speaks for itself. I have a MES . I left the door open 3 inches to see if that was it but the pellets go out anyway. Chips from Walmart burn fairly  well in original wood tray laying on elements. I'm thinking I just have a bad batch of pellets ...
  4. jangles

    Amzen what ?

    Well Ive had this thing since right after T Day and I got to tell you it's not that Amazin- to me. I have tried everything that has been posted about keeping the pellets lit but it's a nightmare. I even left the door open and they just burn out. Anyone tried Smokehose pellets ??
  5. jangles

    Thermo and question

    I have two questions for you smokers. 1 Where do I put the probe for my bbq temp , I have a Maverick Redi check  and an analog MES . 2 Thanksgiving it was chilly here but not cold and my Turkey was done in half the time it should have taken and was dry . Do they smoke or cook faster in cold...
  6. jangles

    amazin pellet smoker vs tube smoker

    Where can I get one of these by weds so I can season it for smoking a turkey on thurs ? My smoker isn't consistant with keeping chip going. Thx.
  7. jangles

    Howdy from Arizona

    Thanks people. I'm smoking a butt roast Monday, I LOVE those things!
  8. jangles

    Howdy from Arizona

    I thank you two for the welcome...
  9. jangles

    Come Back Every Day to Win! A-MAZE-N Products Thanksgiving Giveaway

    I'm smoking a turkey for T Day, would love to have your product .
  10. jangles

    30" MES Stainless - Black Friday SALE!

    What's wrong with the analog or what's right with the dig I should ask. I have the analog and it's a smoking little box.
  11. jangles

    Howdy from Arizona

    I'm a newbie to smoking but have benefitted from reading here a bunch. Thanks for all the good info.
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