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  1. jagerviking

    Pulled Pork Leftover Ideas

    Every time I make Pulled Pork, my wife and daughter anxiously anticipate Green Chili Pulled Pork omelets with Velveeta cheese for breakfast the next day.  
  2. jagerviking

    Tri Tip Question

    Looks good BlingDog!! Give this a whirl next time if you like a crispy outside on your Tri-Tip. I always rub my Tri-tip with honey then a spicy dry rub. Smoke them at 225 to an internal temp of 120, then put them on a very hot grill for about 45 seconds per side. You will get that nice juicy...
  3. jagerviking

    the best rub

    I think making your own and coming up with the flavors that you enjoy is half the fun of cooking! I spent several years coming up with a flavor that my family and I enjoyed, plus its fun buying 25lb bags of brown sugar!
  4. jagerviking

    Stop the basting, mopping, and spritzing. Just cut it out.

     I have done both, and tend to lean towards the non spritzing ways. On things like chicken, turkey, ribs and pork loin, I use a pan next to my fire with apple juice and beer.
  5. jagerviking

    Pit Masters

    Horrible what they did to this season, I will not be watching this season. Warren sapp??? really???? He called the bark on the pork "sear".
  6. jagerviking

    Where are you from Poll

    Las Vegas Nevada here. I am actualy in a city called Henderson, but its still vegas
  7. jagerviking

    American Chopper Building a Smoker?

    Wow that is so lame you didn't get to keep it. I always disliked that american chopper show, this makes me dislike it even more!!
  8. jagerviking

    Pitmasters Episode 3 is starting

    I can't stand myron, total jack ass!!!!
  9. jagerviking

    My first Packer.......

    nice lookin brisket there brudda!!
  10. jagerviking

    Pellet fed Freezer rig per request

    Now that there is some MacGyver stuff for sure, great job!
  11. jagerviking

    Bar-B-Chef® Offset Smoker OR Chargriller OR....?

    LOVE my old bar-b-chef!!
  12. jagerviking

    Greetings from oneshot....Traeger Smoker

    Traeger owner here as well. Welcome to the forums!!
  13. jagerviking

    1st competition starts tonight!

    Good luck brudda, we all know you will do just fine!
  14. jagerviking

    3 Fatties with Q view

    They all look great! That reuben looks insane good, gonna try that one fo sho
  15. jagerviking

    Exciting day for me!

    I am definatly going reverse flow with it. I am also going to cut up my new braunfels el dorado and use that as a warming box.
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