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  1. jabo

    How many butts

    I am going to be smoking butts for 50 people this weekend. How many pounds of pork butt do I need to cook? Thanks, Jamie
  2. jabo

    Too Hot

    Is there no science behind the low and slow method?
  3. jabo

    pulled and finishing sauces

    I had a hard drive crash, does anyone have a pdf copy of this recipe? Jamie
  4. jabo

    This seems like cheating

    Hello all, I just purchased a Weber 2820 Smokey Mountain Cooker/Smoker. Holy cow are the temps steady and the burntimes long in this thing. I have used it twice now and it feels like cheating it is so easy to use. For example, last night at 5:30 PM I put about 3/4 of a chimney of unlit...
  5. jabo

    Just bought a new Recipie application for my Mac

    I would love a program like this, if you have experience with a particular program please share it. Jamie
  6. jabo

    Too Hot

    bump. Help.
  7. jabo

    Too Hot

    I know some guys that are smoking/bbq'ing their pork butts at 350 degrees. This just doesn't seem right to me and what I know about smoking, but I really don't know why I like to keep my temps at 220 - 250 degrees. What does it hurt to cook the butts at a temp as high as 350? Jamie PS Low...
  8. jabo

    bar-b-chef offset smoker for sale

    I have a bar-b-chef offset smoker that I would like to sell. It is too big to store easily around the house. It is less than 1 year old and has been covered all of it's life. It has normal wear and rust, but nothing that will effect performance. It is in very good shape with the exception of...
  9. jabo

    Fried Butt

    Well, I fried a butt. It turned out great. I injected it with a cajun spice and rubbed it down with some Tony C's, heated my oil to 375 degrees and fried it to an internal temp of about 175. I will do this again. One thing, I read that it would take about 8 minutes per pound. This is just...
  10. jabo

    Fried Butt

    Anyone ever tried to deep fry a Boston Butt? I have heard this was great and I want to try it. So far the only details I know are fry it in oil at 350 degrees for about 8.5 minutes per pound. Anyone have more information on how this is done? Jamie
  11. jabo

    Ham for the Holidays

    country cured ham can take months and is done with a dry rub. City cured, or wet cured hams take about a week to 10 days. I am going to buy my fresh ham right now
  12. jabo

    bar-b-chef offset smoker

    BTW, the smiley faces in the post above are supposed to be the number 8, apparently the board doesn't like this number with parenthesis around it.
  13. jabo

    bar-b-chef offset smoker

    I thought that I was typing out my direction so well. I can't ever figure out what someone is talking about without a picture either. OK, here they are, and before anyone gives me a hard time - yes I used galvanized bolts, however I burned all of the zinc off of them before using them. I used...
  14. jabo

    Ham for the Holidays

    A fresh ham is like a butt until it is cured. I am going to cure a fresh ham soon. For Thanksgiving I am going to use a fully cooked ham.
  15. jabo

    Cooking for the Office T-Giving Party has begun

    OK, I got to worked and was mobbed by co-workers so after pics are non-existant, but I took enough along the way to give everyone a good idea of how things were coming along. How did I like it? The ham was OK, a little much for me but it went over pretty well at work. The turkey was great and...
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