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    Good Article on Jerky Safety

    Excellent info! Thanks for sharing. Beef bottom round is on sale now at a local grocer for 1.99/lb, I have 8lb sliced and in the marinade as we speak. I will try the post-drying heating method with this batch.
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    Trying Something New - Ground Venison Jerky

    One of my favorite ways to eat venison is venison jerky. I have venison left in the freezer from last hunting season but none of it is large enough muscle groups to make whole muscle jerky. So I decided to make ground jerky. I don't have a jerky gun or an attachment for the sausage stuffer yet...
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    Pork Loin Jerky (Step by Step with Pics)

    Very nice Bear! I have made pork loin jerky as well and I was pleasantly surprised how good it was. Really like the look of the recipe you used here.
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    Chicken Lollipops in Competition?

    I can't comment on the competition as I have never participated in one but I can say that every time I have made chicken lollipops they have gotten great reviews! Good luck with the competition, your recipe sounds like something I would eat.
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    Vac-Master Pro 350 ~ Foamheart

    Foamheart, I do use the sticky labels (Avery 8167) on my vac bags. I type and print on them, then stick them on the margin once the bag is sealed. So far they haven't given me any problems in the freezer. As long as there isn't multiple freezing and thawing events to create moisture I expect the...
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    Epic Fail of ExtraOrdinary Magnitude

    Oh no! Sorry for your loss. it is never ideal to learn lessons this way, however I am certain you won't make the same mistake again. Give it another shot, I recently smoked my first batch of cheese which has opened the floodgates for more! I'm sure your next attempt will be successsful.
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    New Years Venison Sticks

    Just Googled them, those sound hot! I've enjoyed growing different peppers since starting my own garden a few years ago. Not sure I can handle that much heat though! Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    New Years Venison Sticks

    Thanks all! I was happy with them, and surprisingly they don't have much heat. As for the peppers, I did grow and crush my own. The jalapeños I let ripen to red on the plant then dried them on the smoker to make Chipotle peppers. The cayenne and Peter peppers are thin walled so once ripe I...
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    New Years Venison Sticks

    They got done around 4 this afternoon, much quicker than I expected. Into an ice bath then let them dry off before vac sealing. They are really good. I like the batch with cheese especially. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    New Years Venison Sticks

    I have been enjoying the results of this years deer harvest. The latest product will be venison sticks. Ground and stuffed on 12/31/15 then rested in the fridge. Sorry no pics of that process. Into this smoker today...now we wait! Here is the general recipe I followed and some qview of course. I...
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