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    Dorchester is not far from Virden where I live... Although Both of my 40" Mes are in a heated building I do the following occasionally: Leave the top vent closed and the chip loader all the way in when doing this. Set the timer for 30 minutes and set the temp to 250 degrees. and let it run...
  2. illini

    Mes 30 wire repair...with R-view!!

    Craig, Thanks for your efforts. That will be of interest and value to me. Marvin
  3. illini

    Mes 30 wire repair...with R-view!!

    Thanks Craig, When the Calrod is glowing red hot and the heat is migrating out to where the spade lug used to be I am wondering what the temp is at the solder joint    Possibly 361 degrees or higher?
  4. illini

    Mes 30 wire repair...with R-view!!

    Enjoyed the joking around but on a practical view I wonder if this is a viable alternative to replacing spade lugs.    There are three MES's in my arsenal and I have replaced at least one spade lug on two of them at times.    I wonder if anyone in SMF land has had a long term experience with...
  5. illini

    Mes 30 wire repair...with R-view!!

    I have heard of this being done before.    There has never been a follow up on how long the solder repair lasts.   Seems that the temperature generated by the heater would be sufficient to melt the solder off of the terminals.    Has anyone looked at a solder repair after it has been used to see...
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    All Google Chrome Users ???

    Left click on the wrench in the upper right corner of chrome. Then in the drop down window left click on ABOUT GOOGLE CHROME. The next window will tell you if you are up to date or immediately will start updating to new version. If it is updating just wait and you will be asked to click one more...
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    Triple Dudestramis!!!!!!

    Your Strami looks great Meowey even though you seem to have left out the "Vaporized Bourbon" that you were famous for. I am still hanging around here and observing the proceedings. Take care!! 
  8. illini

    parts for Cajun smoker

    Try this       www.masterbuilt.com Click on "Contact" in upper right hand corner. I think the cajun injector and the MES are in most cases the same.   The racks should interchange
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    "Mark forums read"

    Bumping up I agree with dale and stircrazy.    It is an irritation to me also.
  10. illini

    Friends of Ron Man

    Very sad news to hear!  Praying for a complete recovery.
  11. illini

    reheat question

    It will never pull easier than when you take it out of the cooler hot! Pull it and bag it in baggies then refridgerate it . Tomorrow you can reheat it in the baggies in a pan that has lightly boiling water. Do not allow the top of the bags to become submerged. Alternately; after it is...
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    Question regarding the MES 30" temp sensor

    The cleaned off sensor in your photo is the high limit sensor. The uncleaned sensor in your photo at the upper left corner is the temp sensor. your confusion comes from the fact that the newer models have the temp sensor just under the second rack on the right side. the new location lowers...
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