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  1. ihocky2

    Temperature question - more of a poll really

    I understand the basis of raising the temp to 160 to kill the bacteria in 1 minute. Just to make sure I understand the rest of the idea though, raise to 160 and then after that you are safe to lower the temperature 140 for the rest of the drying process?
  2. ihocky2

    Curing over a week?

    I've had some top round curing over a week and want to make sure it is still safe. I am using High Mountain jerky kit and started curing last week, planning to smoke of Tuesday. I got sick and never got around to it. It's been in the fridge sinc seasoning and adding curing salt.
  3. ihocky2

    Lemon Drop hot sauce-Help Newbie

    Wow, thanks a lot for the information so far guys. If anyone else has more, please keep it coming. I saw a mention in one of the posts to distilled water. Is there a threat that the chlorine in tap water could kill the bacteria and cause problems with fermentation? I can either use distilled...
  4. ihocky2

    Lemon Drop hot sauce-Help Newbie

    Thanks for all of the information so far. I have started gaining more information now, but have also started raising more questions. Is there any reason to start the mash fermenting in an open air container vs putting it in an airlock right off the bat, I have seen both methods suggested? I...
  5. ihocky2

    Lemon Drop hot sauce-Help Newbie

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some help venturing into the world of homemade hot sauce. I have a ton a peppers on my Lemon Drop plant, enough that I think I could get a decent batch of hot sauce but definitely not enough to bother canning. My choices are dried and crushed or hot sauce, and since...
  6. ihocky2

    First Beef Ribs, no smoke ring?

    I ran my first batch of beef ribs yesterday and overall I was happy with the results. Sorry, no pictures. I did a simple rub of a little cayene, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper, and salt. I ran them 3-2-1 at 225 with apple wood, I used a little Carolina style BBQ sauce as a glaze, which...
  7. ihocky2

    First time sausage ran into problems.

    I decided this year to try making my own sausages and ring bologna's with venison and decided to try some snack sticks while I was at it. The first thing I decided to try was pepperoni snack stix since the time frame fit my schedule this weekend. I have had the Cabela's heavy Duty meat grinder...
  8. ihocky2

    First time making jerky in the smoker (Q-view to follow soon)

    Meat generally does not take the smoke as well when it is still wet. As it starts to dry is when it picks up the most smoke. I just run smoke the whole time. For venison jerky I have used oak and apple and peach. The apple and peach have a much milder flavor if you want it less smokey. The oak...
  9. ihocky2

    Smoked Wings

    I wasn't the original poster on this thread, but I want to say thanks for the info as well. I am in the exact same boat. New MES for Christmas and I am going to run a batch of wings this weekend. I've had them at Smokey Bones and they were really good, so now I get to learn how to make them even...
  10. ihocky2

    First time making jerky in the smoker (Q-view to follow soon)

    Hi everybody, I have a venison hind quarter thawing in my fridge right now and will be picking up a pack of the Hi Mountain Jerky Seasoning either tonight or tomorrow night. I just want to run my plan by everybody to get a little feedback before i get too far into this. I got a MES 40 for...
  11. ihocky2

    Hi from Pennsylvania

    Hi, just want to introduce myself. My name is Vince and I am from mid-east Pa and am fairly new to smokers. I have used a small charcoal fired one a few times to smoke trout and that is it. I have a charcoal grill that I do my grilling on and at times throw in a little wood for flavor, but not...
  12. ihocky2

    MES 30 vs. MES 40?

    Hi y'all, I am new to this forum and generally to smoking. I still have to stop in the new member area and add my information. But until then my mother in-law has offered to buy me a smoker for Christmas. I knew I wanted electric so i could set and forget since I am new to smoking. After a lot...
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