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    ABTs too hot

    Salt water works! Personally I would soak them no more than 1 hour so that it still keeps a little kick to it. I find that 2 hours makes it way too mild, even the wimps that I know end up eating a bunch of them. So......to control that crowd from gobbling up all the ABTs, I soak them a lot less.
  2. harryho

    The Ron Man has left us

    RIP......prayers go out to Carol and family.........
  3. harryho

    Bakers and Chefs event grill

    I used one of those for a Food and Wine Event a couple months back. We went through about 200 pounds of beef,in about 4 hours.......mini burger patties, ribeye, sirloin and NY strips. The event had about 1000 or so attendees and the servings were around an inch cubes. The searing station was...
  4. harryho

    My first smoker.... stainless

    So the build is basically a double-barrel type design. What you term to as the ash box is the lower barrel on a double-barrel smoker build.
  5. harryho

    ABTs too hot

    I usually soak the 'penos in salt water for a couple of hours. Sometimes, that takes out too much heat.
  6. harryho

    what cut for pulled pork?

    The cheapest cut you can get.
  7. harryho


    Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery..........
  8. harryho

    Friggin Propane Scam!!

    My local equipment rental place refills 1 bottle at a fixed rate for 5 gallons regardless of how much they put in there. But for 2 or more bottles they actually charge you for the number of gallons used to fill both of them up. So I take 2 bottles at a time knowing that at least one of them was...
  9. harryho

    La Caja China

    The Caja comes with a drip pan. So majority of the fat would be caught. The little splatters here and there can be cleaned up pretty easily.
  10. harryho

    What if my pulled pork rub is to spicey? How to fix

    If you still have time, you can mop the butts with some apple juice.
  11. harryho

    best beer for BBQ

    I'm surprised that with all the discussion about brisket and 23 pages in this particular discussion that no one has mentioned Lone Star.
  12. harryho

    Smoked Coffee

    There's a reason why I knew exactly what your experiment resulted in.....it's been done before......it's nothing new.
  13. harryho

    Where to buy BBQ containers?!

    I guess, Williams-Sonoma would have it...........or Sur-La Table http://www.surlatable.com/product/features/bbq+%26+picnic/retro+barbecue+condiment+set.do
  14. harryho

    Where to buy BBQ containers?!

    I have actually seen them at the local 99-cent stores or Dollar Trees.
  15. harryho

    Real Company?-----Or Scam?

    First things first..........he should file a claim in Paypal before he gets too close to the refund deadline in Paypal and simply pursue it. If the company replies, then he can give them another week and if he still doesn't receive anything after another week, he can reopen the claim as ask for...
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