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    I'll try before I take them off.... I could definitely slam 9 in the GOSM, but it would be tight, and without good airflow between them, you wouldn't get a great smoke ring on the sides where they would touch. They've been in there for almost 10 hours right now, and although the temp hasn't...
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    I just loaded up my GOSM with 7 butts that I got at Sam's yesterday. So hard to NOT find cryovac'd butts around here. I'm looking to find a local butcher here in Atlanta (Marietta area especially) that doesn't use a damn saline solution on these. I did end up buying a case of 8 bone in butts at...
  3. guido

    GOSM or Vault?

    On the Smoking Meat store, Jeff is selling one through Amazon for 228. I think that's going to be my best bet, unless I want to drive an hour and go pick it up at the other Bass Pro. Although, it's a good excuse to go there. :)
  4. guido

    GOSM or Vault?

    OK..... I'll ask again. Where is the best place to order a GOSM Big Block from that won't kill you on shipping? I'd prefer to spend around $200 total. Let me know.
  5. guido

    GOSM or Vault?

    *sigh* So I go by the Bass Pro in Macon on the way home and the one I reserved was smacked good in the back. Good deal or not, I didn't want to have to bang it out and possible reweld it. I'll just wait and get another. Sucks. Any other place to order from besides Bass Pro Shops for local...
  6. guido

    Broke Down and Bought a GOSM

    Did you order it online from Depot? If you ordered it in the store, how did you pull that off? I ordered mine from them a month ago, and they won't do in store ordering for online stuff..... I'm getting one from Bass Pro this weekend. I need to call them and make sure they have it though.
  7. guido

    GOSM or Vault?

    Yeah, I have one about an hour from me. I'm going south of here to my best friends next weekends (Baby shower) and there is a Bass right near him. I'll go there and pick it up. Need to make sure it fits in the back of the car though.
  8. guido

    GOSM or Vault?

    Like I said, I have the Lowe's model here now, but I need to expand. I thought about going to the BPS in Lawrenceville, but that's an hour from me, so it would be a breakeven on the shipping. However, I'm going to Macon next weekend, so I could pick it up from the one down there. Unless I...
  9. guido

    First Smoker: GSOM Big Block or smaller size?

    Check out my other post too.... as I'm looking for places to buy it as well. Seems like all I can find is Amazon, Epod2000, Bass Pro and Home Repot.
  10. guido

    GOSM or Vault?

    Now, I remember reading that there were differences between the Wally World one, and ones purchased elsewhere. If there isn't (3605BGD) then I may do that. Curious as to the differences. I really wanted to get this ordered and go pick it up. $60 in shipping vs. $12 in tax really isn't a...
  11. guido

    GOSM or Vault?

    So, I go to HD and order my GOSM Big Block. I wait almost a MONTH, and get a call yesterday saying that they cannot get it in, that I have to order it online. (Yes, I paid for it already!!!) So, peeved as hell, I started looking for GOSM's, and when I came back home to here, I only saw 2 pages...
  12. guido

    Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"

    I have done these before and they are great. Time to change it a bit... I put in the bacon uncooked last time, I think it's better cooked. Also, thinking of pureeing the pineapple as a 'sneaky' way to get the flavor and sweetness in there without the chunks. Every chef has to do things a little...
  13. guido

    Butt or picnic shoulder

    I did a trifecta last time I smoked. I did a combination of a shoulder, and 2 butts. One was brined and one was not. I didn't notice THAT much of a difference in the brined one, so I'm not messing with it this time. However, the butts are a bit 'sweeter' and have more overall juiciness and...
  14. guido

    Happy Birthday Buddy

    Was your birthday Friday, Buddy? Mine was as well.... Happy Birthday!
  15. guido

    How has your weather been??

    Cold here in Atlanta... It got up to maybe 50 today.... It was a low of 24 the other night. It's pretty crazy. It IS April.... should be 70's here. It was colder the other day here than it was on Christmas.
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