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    Grilled Ham for Easter

    We did this for Thanksgiving, but it's perfect for this weekend, and it is so easy to do as the ham is already cooked. All you need is a reasonably warm grill, some smoke wood and some extra flavorings. It's so simple.   Here's the full write up of the recipe, and of course the pictures...
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    Grilling Beef Tenderloin in the Dead of Winter and a Bonus Turkey Breast

    I love those things.  We make them all the time...
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    Grilling Beef Tenderloin in the Dead of Winter and a Bonus Turkey Breast

    Yeah, I realize that this is beyond late, but hey, we had 5 inches of snow a couple weeks ago. Besides, good grillin knows no season. Here's the write up of how to grill beef tenderloin as well as a bonus turkey breast. And here are the pics:  
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    pork steak idea needed

    Can someone tell me what the milke, and in this case, buttermilk does for the meat?  I've used salted milk to remove the gaminess from venison, but never for regular cuts of meat.  I'm very intrigued and think I need to give this a try.  What does it do?
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    pork steak idea needed

    I highly recommend the reverse sear.  I live in St. Louis which is the birthplace of the pork steak and about 95% of the people in this town sear them and then indirect/smoke till done.  What a waste of smoke wood.  Meat only takes on smoke flavor until the temperature of the outer skin reaches...
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    St. Louis style ribs?????

    All they are is trimmed spares.  Listen to SmokinAl and save the money, this coming from a St. Louisan!?!  I prefer to leave the flap of meat on there for extra meat.  They're not as pretty, but they're meatier...
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    Rib Portions

    I'm a big fan of the high heat method for smoking ribs, although that's a bit of a misnomer.  I smoke my ribs between 275-325 for about 2 hours.  Add about 30 minutes to make them fall off the bone.  It's more like medium heat method, but that doesn't sound as good.  I did the 3-2-1 and the...
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    here is my june throw down sheperds pie

    Here's my version of shepherd's pie done on the grill, Meatloaf Shepherd's Pie: In this recipe you will see us make two meatloaves, but the ingredients that I list will only be for one.  Double up the recipe for two. Ingredients: 1 lb ground sirloin 1/2 pound ground pork 1 cup panko bread...
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    I am the Original Grillin Fool

    At least that's what my card says. Fool /'ful/: One with a market propensity or fondness for something. I've been grilling since I was sent to college with a suitcase and a grill.  Never before that as the grill was my dad's domain.  Back then we lit everything with lighter fluid, flipped...
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    Greetings From a Newbie in Southern Illinois...

    Very well done.  I have the same prob thermometer with remote.  I'm also from Southern Illinois, although I live in St. Louis now...
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    Blueberry muffin fatty

    The muffins take on a very pancake like texture from the grease of the sausage.  I would bet that both are very similar.  I'm not much of a blueberry fan, and I LOVED this fatty.  Best I've ever had and I've made probably a dozen different kinds...
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