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    Secrets of Meat Curing and Sausage Making...

    Great posting! thank you for the info.
  2. fullborebbq

    The Sausage Maker Poultry Brine mixing directions

    Thank you Dave! I think this part of the post says it all. "At first sight it may seem that there is an excessive amount of nitrite in water. The answer is that only a small percentage will be absorbed by meat during the immersion process. " When it says it will cure 100 lbs of meat it is...
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    It's a GUIDELINE not a Rule!

    I agree GMC. I was just pointing out that starting IT makes a big difference in cook time ( maybe I used a bad analogy) I was just stating 65 degrees as a (room temp). I see many times where people say to let the meat come to room temp for an hour or more. ( I realize the meat IT will never get...
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    It's a GUIDELINE not a Rule!

    I would assume these approximations also include a certain starting internal temp as part of the equation. Obviously a pork butt started at a IT of 34 degrees will take longer than one started at a IT room temp of say, 65 degrees. If I am in accurate on this analogy please advise us.
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    I will have to go with a 80/20 chuck blend, no fat no flavor! Nice Brioche' roll or Martin's Potato roll. Coopers sharp American cheese is great or a good cheddar. Ketchup, lettuce, tomato, BB pickle chips and Hellman's mayo(Northeast thing). If I am in a sweet mood, Mirical whip salad dressing.
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    I got Nuggetized today

    Great looking Salmon!!! Point for sure. How did you prepare them for the smoker??????
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    Started build. Got a few questions.

    As for the holes start with a drill and use a pair of tin snips if you do not have a large hole saw. A jig saw will also do the job. as for the chimney I used a 4" to 3" duct reducer and made the rest of the chimney out of 3" double wall. I made a 4" hole and then I cut the 4" reducer every...
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    Chuck roast cook

    You got me! Not going to hijack the thread, will start a new one with pics. 18 hours left out of 30 on the chuck roast as i type.
  9. fullborebbq

    Chuck roast cook

    Wow! looks great. I have been wanting to do this for awhile now. Your post has inspired me to go for it! Might have to do a cold smoke before the SV.
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    Bone-In Pork Roast - The Savory Way!

    Outstanding looking plate of pork! Will have to try that sauce, it sounds delicious. Big Points for sure!!!
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    STL and BB

    STL will take a bit longer than the BB. 3-2-1 for STL 2-2-1 for BB. Mesquite is a strong flavor for ribs, but of course personal preference is yours.
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    Tuscan Soup and Garlic Parmesan Biscuits

    No words needed!!!!
  13. fullborebbq

    When a friend asks for ribs...

    Great job! They look yummy!!
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