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    London Broil ! Of coarse Reverse Seared !!

    Posting pictures like these should be illegal ! It's like porn... Great job Justin ! Another "to do" job for me , just finding the right meat here won't be so easy. Thanks mate.
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    calamari ripiene fornato (stuffed calamari baked)

    Looking great Moikel. Squid is one of my favorites (a lot of them here , low price and fresh). The misses use the chicken stock also. The tomato sauce is a "next to add" recipe. Thanks mate.
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    The Mud Pit II is born: 275 gallon reverse flow build

    With those 2 chimneys you can put it behind a Kenny truck , it will look nice. Seriously : great peace of work !
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    Smoked Coffee & Cayenne Dusted Calamari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Breakfast of Champions)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W

    Yep Bear , that would be something ... Just wonder what style ... Competition for the Pirelli ?


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    Smoked Coffee & Cayenne Dusted Calamari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Breakfast of Champions)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W

    Well Leah , I never heard about a "coffee rub" , but ... why not ? It's on my "to do list" now. Keep up the good dreams !!!
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    For The Love Of Cuttlefish...

    Shouls = should... My chubby fingers, sorry.
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    For The Love Of Cuttlefish...

    Leah... Shouls you ever consider to start a restaurant , pls let me know ! I'll start saving for a ticket to the US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Smoked Langostino Tails!!!!

    Another colorful and tasteful "painting" from the Artist !!!
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    So many cooks so many som tams,so here is mine

    Not a classic , but surely look tasty and seeing the ingredients , it must be great. I'll put the misses on duty for this one ... Thanks Mick. BTW : I guess "our" dog here is family of yours... When we come home late , we have to wake him up when his laying in front of the gate.
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    Newbie from all the way in South Africa

    Hi Bruce ! I'm sure you'll love it here ! Look like  SMF goes all around the world !!!
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    Smoked Cuttlefish & Sweet Potatoes!!!

    You're sweet Leah and obviously a real Chef... Your dishes = But warmer temps ? Thanks , but no thanks ! We already have 30C. ! LOL...
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    Thanks ! I've got the idea after watching a video clip about "Kalua pork" in Hawai. Some hill tribes here in the north seems to use that technique also (although I never saw it). So adapting it to "modern" style gave us a fairly good meal.
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    Hey from Australia! Total newbie

    Welcome to the forum Smokey H. , a great place here , and surely for "virgin" smokers like us. And boys... give Smokey a break with his pics , my Aussie neighbor here have the same problem , used to live upside - down... LOL Sorry Smokey , this was to tempting. BTW : Andy (my neighbor -...
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