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  1. elwoodjblues

    new build.. I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!

    im liking you ideas.. Scott you were right we should have moved it up! my only question is how consistent is the heat going to be at the grates? wouldn't the ends be hot spots?
  2. elwoodjblues

    new build.. I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!

    that would be the plan.. as im reading more things on here im starting to think that i need to raise the baffle/floor up more to get more air flowing...
  3. elwoodjblues

    new build.. I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!

    ive got some more pics and a diagram to show what we are trying to do. this is what we are trying to do... a reverse flow.. what we are trying to figure out is if our baffle is to low in the cooker and how should we cut the vent in it?? only one across the whole thing at the end? we...
  4. elwoodjblues

    new build.. I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!

    OK guys I'm trying to get this finished in time to cook up 60 lbs of pork spare ribs for the Husker game on sat... HELP ME OUT!! What I'm trying to figure out is how I should cut my baffle. Please get me as much input as you can.. My cooking space is 2088 sq in and the baffle is the same size...
  5. elwoodjblues

    My first home built smoker!!!

    This is my first attempt to build a smoker. I cant take full credit Ive had lots of help (thanks, Scott, Phil, and Harry) this weekend to try and get it done in time to get some good cooking in before the snow flies. We got this from my boss (thanks Mike) His dad (Jim.. I think this is the...
  6. elwoodjblues

    We don't need a smoker anymore.

    some of my old hippie buddy's had something like this.. they didn't put wood into it though.. bout the only thing i would think its good for
  7. elwoodjblues

    another F.N.G. from Nebraska

    Hey guys my name is Matt and I'm by no means new to the art of Q. I have 2 smokers that I use every weekend and for the fist time I'm trying to build one from scratch. Ive done everything from brisket to hot dogs. I'm out to learn everything I can to make my Q better!! I'm also looking for...
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