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    Lo-salt Cured and Smoked Turkey

    Pops, thank you :) Here is a pic of (part of ) our Christmas dinner...The maple syrup/dijon mustard glazed ham is still in the smoker. Followed your recipe...but hot smoked it, with butter and bacon grease under the skin (I always fail with the skin...turns to leather, when I slow cook it) :D
  2. Lo-salt Cured and Smoked Turkey

    Lo-salt Cured and Smoked Turkey

  3. Christmas turkey 002.JPG

    Christmas turkey 002.JPG

  4. dreegle1

    BACON-ON-A-STICK (Step By Step)

    Ok...If in doubt...barge on ahead and see what happens :D I used the calculator here http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/a/dry-cured-bacon-calculator-and-procedure I used the "Rind on bacon" Figuring that rind and bones would probably have the same "slow cure absorption". I Also left the pleura...
  5. BACON-ON-A-STICK (Step By Step)

    BACON-ON-A-STICK (Step By Step)

  6. bacon on a stick 002.JPG

    bacon on a stick 002.JPG

  7. bacon on a stick 001.JPG

    bacon on a stick 001.JPG

  8. dreegle1

    BACON-ON-A-STICK (Step By Step)

    I did the brining method...it was delicious, but "hammy"....Tenderquick, is an unknown quantity to me, I have never used it...and it is probably named something else over here. Basically, I am confident, that once I cure, and dry any piece of pork, I will have ham or bacon (although shoulders...
  9. dreegle1

    BACON-ON-A-STICK (Step By Step)

    Just one really quick question...I am going to try making bacon on a stick...but I am going to dry cure it with cure #1, and cold smoke it (so it is exactly like bacon, to fry up next to the eggs for Sunday morning breakfast)...Is there any precaution that I need to take with the bones? I don't...
  10. dreegle1

    Ham Help, please

    Well....Apparently I got a visit from the gods of pork, last night ( They are like the gods of war, only tastier), and they said "Let there be ham!"...I forgot that resting and cooling is important....Nice evenly cured, slight taste of cloves, and boy I am lucky...This could have gone wrong in...
  11. 002 (2).JPG

    002 (2).JPG

  12. dreegle1

    Ham Help, please

    Pipesdaddy I had a look...Not sure what I was looking for, but thank you for the variety of recipes....basically, what I tried to do was turn a $4 a kilogram pork roast, into a $15 a kilo ham (divide by 2.2 for per pound rates), with some limited success...with no equipment. My big sticking...
  13. dreegle1

    Ham Help, please

    Thanks, Pops...I just pulled it out at 160, after about 10 hours...I know the temp was a little high, but I was worried that if the brine hadn't cured right through, I would heat past microbe survival temperature...I was aiming at 170, but it plateaued...I didn't know that pork plateaued, but it...
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