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  1. dert

    Cold Smoked Steelhead

    The procedure was quite simple. I added equal parts brown sugar and non-iodized salt to cover both sides I also added probably a half teaspoon of Prague powder number one, wrapped in cellophane for 30 hours press between two baking dishes rinsed but dry overnight cold smoked over alder pellets...
  2. dert

    Cold Smoked Steelhead

    Probably too much smoke, went for about 12 hours, salt seem fine may reduce cure time to 24 hours and smoke to 6-8 next time. Yum!
  3. dert

    Cold Smoked Steelhead

    Have t tried it yet, mellowing until tomorrow! I’ll update the post though
  4. dert

    Cold Smoked Steelhead

    Cold smoking some steelhead from Costco in MN today! Dry cured with brown sugar, salt and nitrite for ~ 30 hours. Outside temp<20 degrees F, smokin’ it #3 with the amazen cold smoker never got above 70 degrees F.
  5. dert

    Cold Smoked Salmon

    Plenty of smoke though...
  6. dert

    Cold Smoked Salmon

    It was 10:00 PM and -2 degrees...and bed time! No real reason, the maze was still smokin strong.
  7. dert

    Cold Smoked Salmon

    Started with a nice Chinook, dry cured with salt, brown sugar, and pink salt for two days in a vac pack. Smoked for 10 hours on alder pellets and let rest overnight. Fresh bagels and cream cheese/onions/capers...excellent results!
  8. dert

    Jalapeno bacon

    How much was used??
  9. dert

    Strange texture to prime brisket at Costco

    Likely from when they steam the carcass to disinfect the exterior prior to disassembly.
  10. dert

    FREE Double Smoked Ham (Big Spiral Surprise)

    What brand was it looks like a Cook’s? Looking good !
  11. dert

    2 butterballs on the Smokin-It # 3

  12. dert

    2 butterballs on the Smokin-It # 3

    Two 17#ers brined and injected with 1c white/ 1c brown/ 1c salt...in at 6:00, done at 9:30! The drain hole was plugged for some time as I poked it and a whole pan of drippings came out...steamed and smoked.
  13. dert

    What are the latest brisket prices?

    $3.49/ Lb for prime at Costco Minneapolis today.
  14. dert

    A Tale of Two Bacons

    Looks awesome!!!
  15. dert

    Streaky bacon on the Smokin-It#3

    I've got a 12" Hobart...just can't access it. Garage is full of cabinets for a kitchen remodel. Surprisingly easy to slice with the gratton slicer though. I work with a Canadian and we goof about Canadian/ American/ belly/ pea meal/ streaky bacons!
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