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  1. ddigitalpimp

    Second attempt at smoked turkey w/ Q-view - VERY disappointed...

    this is how i do chicken in my ECB.  no water = crisp skin.
  2. ddigitalpimp

    Thanksgiving Ideas

    i know this is late to the game but what about using ground turkey instead of sausage for the outside of the fatty?
  3. ddigitalpimp

    PP stuffed Manicotti

    that food looks way too good to be served on a styrofoam plate   j/k - nice idea, ill have to try this sometime.
  4. ddigitalpimp

    At it again!! More spare ribs

    most likely, yes that is where it went wrong.  normally when you foil you want to wrap each section of rib in their own tin foil and place them back on the grates like you had them for the first three hours.  if they were all on top of each other in that foil pan they likely did not get as...
  5. ddigitalpimp

    Saturday spareribs with Qview

    haha, the pup looks pumped to have some good meat.  my dog knows whenever i fire up the smoker or turn on the grill she is going to get something tasty as well. one question, will your dog break up the rib bone and eat that too?  when my pup was only 6 or 7 months old i gave her a rib thinking...
  6. ddigitalpimp

    Smoking in Japan 1 year later

    i got a kick out of those smokers/cookers.  q-view looks great too.
  7. ddigitalpimp

    first beef neck

    no idea but im pretty disappointed i didnt get to see some neck q-view.  sounds nasty.
  8. ddigitalpimp

    Today's smoke with Qview

    everything looks great.  im dying to try those dino bones sometime soon.  i may need to do them this weekend.
  9. ddigitalpimp

    Ribs with QVIEW

    one small thing i noticed that shouldnt make too big of a difference is the placement of your smoking chamber therm.  i have the same smoker and digi. therm. and i notice that the sides of the grate close to where the gap is between the lid and the body is a good bit hotter than the middle of...
  10. ddigitalpimp

    Stop the basting, mopping, and spritzing. Just cut it out.

    ive always been a spritz and foil person with spares and backs.  i have a nice rack of spares that will be smoked on friday and even before reading this thread i was going to rub and smoke for 6 hours, no foil or peaking.  im also a convert to crisping up the ribs on a low flame propane grill...
  11. ddigitalpimp

    Q-view of my first fatty...........

    nice work in general but holy crap you made that bacon weave about as tight as you can get.  looks like it was done just right as well.  love the slight char on the bacon.
  12. ddigitalpimp

    Pork Tenderloin and my 1st qview!

    awesome, looks like a giant pork spliff.  i never had much luck with tenderloin on the smoker, looks like this might be the solution.
  13. ddigitalpimp

    London Broil Q-view

    if it was too dry, id try a marinade before smoking.  i love a good london broil marinaded for a few days in italian dressing or one of the A1 marinades.
  14. ddigitalpimp

    Rib advice needed

    you should be fine doing it that way.  ive always thought that after the 2 hours foiled the ribs were pretty much ready to go depending on how you like your sauce cooked in.  i normally do 3-2-.5 for spares with the last half hour hitting them twice with sauce.  they are all the way cooked (IMO)...
  15. ddigitalpimp

    Just used a smoker for the first time and made a brisket........

    its OK if the water boils.  just add less of it and refill during the smoke if you need to.  the water shouldnt be boiling over the sides of the pan.
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