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    Old Guy In Texas

    Many of us are old. Means we are experienced in life. Welcome from California.
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    Bacon candy.

    That looks amazing. I like going the brown sugar route with bacon for BLT's. Note to self. Need to make BLTs
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    Joining from Japan

    Apple is one of my favorites. Have never tried persimmon or pear.
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    An Elusive cut of meat has been spotted in Northern Vermont

    They are common in California. I can buy them pretty much every time I go to Safeway.
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    Joining from Japan

    Welcome from California. For the fish do you have access to other kinds of woods in Japan. Fruit woods maybe?
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    Featured First Brisket(Q View)

    That brisket looks really tasty.
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    Lonestar offset

    Congrats. I ordered a Horizon offset in June. Had one damaged in transit arrive last week. A replacement due in 2 weeks.
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    True Dinosaur Beef Ribs!!

    those look amazing
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    What's Up - From The Bronx, NY

    Welcome from Norcal, formerly NY. NYC BBQ, I am impressed.
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    Pulled Pork!

    That looks damn good.
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    Offset Smoker recommendations in California

    They are building me a new one and it should go out around the time the crashed one returns.
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    What's a good name for a dog?

    Hot, Oscar, Nathan
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    More Bagels

    thx. will give it a try. its a rainy day type of project.
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    Offset Smoker recommendations in California

    I did, they were already closed. UPS LTL delivery guy warned me. He didn't expect me to take it. I wonder if it was on one of the trucks blown over by the high winds in Utah. I figure those discussions will occur tomorrow but after seeing it not sure that makes much sense unless its $500...
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    More Bagels

    recipe? I want to give them a try.
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