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    Cure #1, made in USA, really good price...

    Thanks Dave. That's a good price, and worth a wee bit extra to get it quickly with prime deliver. Butcher & Packer is my normal supplier when I have a larger order.
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    Sour Dough Starter

    Lookup Northwest Sourdough on YouTube. Teresa has good videos on making your own starter and breads. She also has her own website and paid courses on Udemy. Google will also find you lots of good free content, some good and some not so much. Wild Yeast and The Fresh Loaf are two good sites...
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    Chocolate Banana Puddin' ~ Foamheart

    Yep. It's that time of year when the oak trees leaf out and the Azaleas and camellias start blooming. The best time to ride the street cars and visit City Park and Audubon Zoo. I still miss drinking beer while makin groceries at Schwegmann's.
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    Chocolate Banana Puddin' ~ Foamheart

    Now you got me wanting banana and bread pudding. Might as well add in the peach crisp, fig and black berry pie. Nice job on that mile high meringue! Yea, I had to Google that one to get the spelling right. :emoji_laughing:
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    Beignets ~ Foamheart

    When I worked in Santa Fe my cooks would make stuffed sopapillas (meat, beans & cheese...) for lunch every now and then. The first time I saw them do that I grabbed one out of the fryer and hit it with powdered sugar thinking of home. They looked at me like I was crazy. :emoji_astonished...
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    South Louisiana Grren Onion Sausage Recipe

    I just noticed the NOLACuisine site has been suspended. This sort of thing only increases my digital pack-rat behavior. Hopefully Dano will regain his interest in the site and bring it back online, he did a great job of it before.
  7. darwin101

    Reseasoning Cast Iron Pan, What Did I do Wrong?

    Here is a link to an article by Field Company. https://fieldcompany.com/pages/how-to-season-cast-iron-pan-skillet-instructions
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    Buffalo meat

    Buffalo makes a great sausage. It is very lean and will need 20 to 30 percent fat back.
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    Input Requested: Anybody Used Spice Mixes From The Sausage Maker?

    Butcher Packer is my fist stop for supplies, but I prefer to make my own mixes.
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    GMG Davy Crockett disappointment...

    They switched from the two piece grease tray to the single tray recently. Lots of guys like the single better. Give them a call or send email, they have great customer service. I want the single, just haven't ordered it yet.
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    Labor Day Pellet Grill Sale

    I know GMG will go on sale in November & December. The others should offer deals also. Sportsman's usually has something on sale every month.
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    Is Sams worth it anymore?

    I will agree about the over sized chicken breast, it's not worth buying them. I have used a jaccard meat tenderizer and it helps, but I'd rather find smaller breast. Those big beastly breast are tough and tasteless. The only good thing about Sam's is the ones near me are much less crowded than...
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    Royal Oak Tumbleweed Starters

    Home Depot and Tractor Supply carry the Frontier or Royal Oak tumbleweeds. Cheaper than the Amazon & Walmart. I don't get the free newspaper anymore. :(
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    How to make Chorizo?

    Green Chile chorizo is a nice variation that is rarely seen in the states. I like it more than the grocery store red version.
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    Crystal like substance on vacuum packed cheese.

    Thanks Mom of 3. :) I googled Calcium Lactate crystals and the first link explained it. Now I also understand the occasional crunchy bits in aged Parmesan. (I also could have done a bit more research before asking here!) https://culturecheesemag.com/cheese-bites/crystals-cheeses-best-friend ;)
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