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  1. d-que

    New Braunfels Smoker?

    $ 60 Purchase Price $ 70 SS Grates $ 10 Misc Parts/Bolts $ 15/hr labor @ minimum 6 hr labor _______________________ $ 230.00 Or wait until after Jan 2013 when conservatives run both the White House and both Houses of Congress and you may get more for it on the recession's long awaited upswing.
  2. d-que

    New Braunfels Smoker?

    I apologize, I have a hair trigger at times. Disregard the shaking of the oak tree please
  3. d-que

    New Braunfels Smoker?

    Is this a good size?
  4. d-que

    New Braunfels Smoker?

    OK, OK, I'll admit the FB is a little on the large side for a smoker this size.........18" x 18", but I have a master plan. I am going to build a larger offset from rolled steel and attach this FB to it. I will then mount both the new smoker and this old smoke chamber, converted for gas...
  5. d-que

    New Braunfels Smoker?

    SoaFung........We can certainly agree on your avatar..........love it.
  6. d-que

    New Braunfels Smoker?

    After pics............
  7. d-que

    New Braunfels Smoker?

    Of course it's a NB, I spent a week getting to know every single inch and curve of mine while refinishing it. Evidently I was ignorant of your asserted fact that NB made a grill which looked so much like it's brother, the smoker. I am not however, ignorant of the difference between a smoker...
  8. d-que

    New Braunfels Smoker?

    Here are my "before" pics.....
  9. d-que

    New Braunfels Smoker?

    Awesome, Foster, I laughed when I read your post because I JUST did what you described, literally, a 4 1/2 grinder with wheels from Harbor Freight. I have this same smoker, except with an offset firebox from Braunsfels. It was all busted and rusted up from being left outside in the rain. I...
  10. d-que

    BBQ Pitmasters

    Grew on me too, but I'll tell you one thing. I can't stand that arrogant bastard Myron. What an ass! For all that trash talking he does, he sure hasn't pulled down too many "Grand Champion" titles while I been watchin. That guy thinks his poopoo don't stink. I can't stand that type of...
  11. d-que

    Upta -20-Smoke?

    It's finally up to 57 deg here. I gotta find some shoes to walk out to my smoker. Damn, you know its cold in Florida when you gotta wear shoes. :) I hear I'm gonna have to cover my tomatoes later in the week b/c it actually going to drop to like 29 deg. Guess I shouldn't complain though...
  12. d-que

    Longest smoke on a single piece of pork/beef?

    27 hr brisket.........in my homemade gas smoker. Of course that was a direct result of a large propane tank which supplied fuel throughout the afternoon and evening and copious amounts of whiskey consumed by myself and a few friends. I awoke in the late morning with a headache and an "Oh Sh!t"...
  13. d-que

    I found this Bar-Be-Que for sale for $125.00

    I wouldn't worry about the temp guage. I see you are from Florida as I am. That guage is reading about 100 deg. in the pic you provided. That is about normal for my smoker this time of year. Gotta figure, it's job is to record heat.....if our ambient air temp is 95 deg, the inside of that...
  14. d-que

    Accidently Tasered

    You might want to re-consider that gift if it was REALLY that bad. I am in law enforcement and carry a Taser International M26 and had to "take a ride on the lightening" before being approved to carry it. The M26 packs a 50,000 volt punch and is transmitted not between two prongs 1-2" apart...
  15. d-que

    12# Brisket and Friends w/ Q-view

    Looks great.....say you got any of that Knob left over you could pass.....I need a refill and that's some good stuff
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