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    My offset smoker project 12/07 - 03/08

    Vey nice. Having a great smoker is one thing, knowing you built it yourself has to give you a tremendous amount of pride.
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    Hello from Fenton MI!

    Hello from Alpena
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    Friday Tacos

    Made a quick and easy tacos with some left over smoked chuckie. Started off with some shredded chuckie, about a cup of beef stock, petite tomatoes, about 2 teaspoons of cumin and chili powder. Let that simmer down till liquid about gone. Served it up with some onions, lettuce, sour cream, a...
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    Hello All!

    Welcome from a former VA resident.
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    Things I learned this weekend

    Saturday was clean out the freezer day. I had 4 chickens, 1 Chuckie, 1 pork butt, 3 racks of baby backs and one 3 bone rack of plate ribs. Now I understand the Unwritten rule that without pics it didn’t happen but …. A couple of things I learned was even though I can easily fit all that into...
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    Quality Budget Friendly Trailer Smokers

    I sent you a private message about the HBT. Bottom line is I love mine and the folks there at HBT were great to work with. i no longer have a Facebook account but they used to have a popular FB page where you can talk with other owners.
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    End Of Season Prime Rib Feast (Tons Of Pics)

    That is one nice looking spread. Thanks for sharing
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    New To This

    Personally I cook with what grows locally, never looked into the cost of importing wood. If you have cherry, apple, oak, hickory all available to you locally then IMO you have some of the best woods available. Gonnasmoke has good advice for getting started.
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    Please critique my salmon cold smoker design

    That really looks great. Job well done. Let’s go fishing. 😁
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    Is pork safe to eat being wrapped raw?

    Looks and sounds great
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    Canada Goose breast

    So yesterday was opening day for goose here in Michigan. A friend called and said he’s bringing over some goose breast for me to smoke this weekend. Having never done a goose breast I started searching. It seems they are either done medium (140ish) or well (170 internal). I was going to do them...
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    Holding Brisket

    It’s a long thread but check out im going to try this on my next brisket , keeping it warm in a Sous vide bath until I serve it the next day
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    New member from Michigan

    Welcome from Alpena
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    Thermometer for my smoking chamber.

    I’m a big fan of Thermoworks smoke. Not real ”hi tech” but very well built and accurate.