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    Different idea for sure. I’d smoke the butter & sugar then make a batch. If needing more smoke the batch again. I wouldn’t rush making it. Let butter & sugar set for a week after smoke. Then make a batch of caramels. My .02
  2. buzzy

    Bradford pear?

    Yup you are good to go. Should be a much sweeter smoke than hickory. Just try to knock off most of bark before using.
  3. buzzy


    Family favorite. Just skip the pine nuts. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/tuscan-style-roasted-asparagus/
  4. buzzy

    Pellets to sawdust?

    With all the talk of sawdust better for smoking cheese , stays lit better than pellets. I was wondering if anybody had a tried & true method of misting pellets with water to break them down to what they were. (Sawdust) Then dry them out to use. All thought & opinion appreciated.
  5. buzzy

    How Many HP To drive A Meat Grinder

    No that should get u close enough. 86.25 rpms with direct connection. Good luck!
  6. buzzy

    How Many HP To drive A Meat Grinder

    Should shoot for around 75 rpms out of grinder. A little slow on editing last post
  7. buzzy

    How Many HP To drive A Meat Grinder

    Know gear ratio? Should shoot for around 75 rpm out of grinder.
  8. buzzy

    Two Questions for Cheese Smokers

    Skewers for shisk Skewers for making shish kebab. They make short ones & long ones. Made out of metal or wood. only thing I see if cheese is real hard an breaks open from pushing through but to me you solved your own problem. Good deal.
  9. buzzy

    How Many HP To drive A Meat Grinder

    Sorry for late response. Been working. I got this gear box at work off a piece of support equipment that was going to be thrown out. Put new seals in it to make almost as good as new.
  10. buzzy

    Two Questions for Cheese Smokers

    How about a set of skewers for a easy flip rack
  11. buzzy

    Curing time, Tender Quick

    I’m on broad with what Bear & thirdeye said.
  12. buzzy

    New Member in Virginia

    Welcome to SMF from SC PA. Thank u for your service.
  13. buzzy

    Aging wood?

    How do you all age wood. By time cut or by cracks in wood showing it’s dry. Just cut chucks from a hickory tree cut down 6-7 months ago an still looks green. Want to use but don’t think it’s dry enough. All thought are appreciated.
  14. buzzy

    Worst BBQ

    In SC PA seems like a lot of BBQ places are popping up. Stop at new one out side of Carlisle. Got pulled pork sandwiches. Not that good. I don’t eat out often & this is why. Can make better myself. (Not bragging just honest). Give them a second try to be sure. Maybe try their ribs or chicken.
  15. buzzy

    Newbie from KC

    Welcome to SMF from SC PA.
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