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    Sad news, but a blessing

    Thank you all again for all the support and prayers. Very much appreciated! Ryan
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    Featured Tomahawks and ribeyes with sides

    Awesome looking meal! Anytime its cooked over an open fire tastes so much better. Or maybe that combined with a nice day outdoors. Ryan
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    Beef Filets & Bacon Wrapped Scallops

    Fabulous looking meal! Can see why you enjoy sitting on the porch drinking beer with a view like that. Ryan
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    New to smoking and want to do it right!

    Welcome from iowa, lots of great knowledge here. Can't help ya with the drum smoker but would recommend getting some kind of temp probes, a controller with at least 2 probes, one for meat and one for smoker temps. I use a smoke made by thermo works and an IBT- 4xs made by inkbird. Probes can...
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    Air Fryer 360

    Can't be of any help to you since I haven't pulled the trigger on one yet but I know several have posted some great looking food coming out of them. I'm sure they will help you out. Ryan
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    Gyro Heroes And Homemade Fries (W / Pics)

    Looks good to me, no matter how you say it! That's why pics are always good...I want one of those. Nice job Ryan
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    Stress Relief

    A big thank you to you @RiversideSm0ker for the work you do! And to all the others whether they are on the front lines, the sidelines or wherever. I'm sure many people myself included don't always stop to think of all the people it takes to keep things working, especially during a crisis. So...
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    One That Got Away

    Looks good Ray! I guess they say practice makes perfect...I sure do feel sorry for you having to eat all that tasty looking meat! Ryan
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    Sad news, but a blessing

    A great big thank you to all that have replied, it is appreciated so much! I give you all great big likes! Thank you From my whole family
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    Boston Butt on the REC TEC (Heavy PICS)

    Looks good from here also! The whole meal looks great. Glad you both enjoyed cooking it together, that's cool you enjoy cooking together. Ryan
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    What Isolation Order???

    We have 2 or 3 pheasants that hang around our acreage and pasture across the road, we really love listening to them when it's nice enough to drink coffee on the front porch. Must be getting soft as I get older so they are safe from being hunted. Had 8 or 9 in the grove this winter during a...
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    Pan Seared Rib Eye Fajitas And Eggs (W / Pics)

    Another great looking breakfast Robert! Not sure I could eat two but would do my dang best and try! Ryan
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    Today was day 5 so... And the verdict is...OMG! These are amazing! The first one I tried I decided to share with my wife...I never got it back. And she's been back to the jar since. Think I might have to make more. Thanks again Al! Ryan
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    Sad news, but a blessing

    Thank you again for all the responses and prayers! It's appreciated. Ryan
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    Sad news, but a blessing

    Thank you @sandyut that was beautiful. And very fitting, mom was an RN most of her life, as administrator for several nursing homes when I was young then working for home health care agencies, and finally as director for hospice near us. So in the end we really appreciate all the great care...
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